Baby Name of the Day: Azucena

Madonna Lily (Amaryllis belladonna)

Madonna Lily by Dmitry Baranovskiy

Susie is a Boomer staple; Susannah her stylish colonial cousin.

Today’s Baby Name of the Day takes that familiar appellation in a far more exotic direction: Azucena.

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I agreee, this is a beautiful name. It sounds lovely, and looks lovely written down. I agree with Nicole, though, that pronunciation outside a Spanish or Italian community might be a bit problematic. *sigh*

Thanks so much for featuring Azucena. It’s such a beautiful name! I didn’t realize it had such a colorful history either 🙂

I have a really good friend named Flor Azucena. She pronounces it ah soo SEH neh. I am mexican and have actually heard this name a lot on friends or acquaintances for middle names, but have never heard it as a first. I do think its beautiful and is very wearable in my hispanic community, but I see a lot of mispronunciation opportunities if she is outside the hispanic community. My very white husband will never be able to pronounce it right.. so I dont think I would use such a name on my baby because I cringe every time he butchers it. Poor guy.. he tries, but our list of names is more pronounceable by the average american.