If you’ve reviewed the Top 20 Boys’ Names of the Day, you might recall that it was a mix of names that are, indeed, rising in use for our sons and those that are probably mere curiosities.

The girls’ list tends more towards the wearable, but there are a few surprises.

The most read Names of the Day posts for Girls were as follows:

  1. Esme – For the second year in the row, Esme is undeniably top of the tops on AppMtn.

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  1. Isla, Genevieve, and Beatrix are all on my girls’ shortlist.
    Lorelai and Emmeline are both middle names in combos.
    Oona, Elodie, and Romilly are all on my long list!

  2. Mark was pushing for Beatrix when we were trying to come up with Roseanna’s name, I considered it for a few days before deciding that I really wasn’t too fond of “Bea” as a nickname (of course, I also don’t like Rosie, but the name was chosen for sentimental reasons).

    Oona I love, and for many years Noa was a favourite of mine. While I adore the euphonious sound of Eulalie, I just can’t get over a rather amusing Wodehouse reference it holds for me.

  3. LOL… my brother has daughters named Delaney and Mallory and if I remember correctly they considered Romy/Ramona for their third (who was a boy they named Jackson.)

  4. I’ve adored the name Pandora since I was a little girl. If The Explorer weren’t so darned popular, I would totally name my daughter Pandora and call her Dora. I work with an older woman named Pandora, and she’s the only one I’ve met.

    Natasha is great. I have a cousin with that name, called Tasha.

    I’ve always liked Svetlana too. Sadly, my mom dislikes it and my husband can’t pronounce it properly.

  5. Eulalie and Pandora are big winners for me. I wouldn’t have a probably using Pandora front and center, and I will use Eulalie if given the chance. 😉

    I have a wee baby niece who is now sporting Elodie in the middle. I was so pleasantly surprised to hear it.

  6. Of these, my favorites are Poppy and Genevieve–both lovely. I’m mostly “meh” about the rest. Emmeline is lovely, but it would lead to the nicknames uber-popular Em and Emmy. My point is that if parents use unusual names just to get to a common nickname, such as Mia or Elly, they haven’t accomplished much.

  7. Oona, Esme & Pandora are middle name favorites for me. Beatrix & Eulalie are firmly first name favorites. Beatrix, no matter how popular she gets, is one I’d use. Can’t pass up the possible Trixie!

    Sylvia, because of my age, remains ‘old lady’ for me. Sylvie feels younger but I’ve had it with folks telling me it’s just a nickname. Blah! Maybe if I ran into a little Sylvia my opinion would change.

    Romilly’s a solid, unusable love of mine. Just lovely, but not regal enough to be a sister for Josephine.

    All in all, I’d love to see any of these used. Beats yet another Emma! 🙂