1923 girl names1923 girl names range from classic Anna to the unexpected Marvel.

In naming, we often talk about the “100 Year Rule.”

It’s more of a notion than an ironclad law.

The 100 Year Rule in brief: We generally find the most popular baby names of our parents’ generation quite dated. Our grandparents’ names can feel awfully, well, old. So those names decline in use. But our great-grandparents’ names? Those strike us as fresh and interesting.

Since a generation is around 25 years in length, that means that it takes about 100 years for names to cycle in and out of favor.

That suggests that in 2023, we should be looking to the year 1923 for inspiration.

And these 1923 baby girl names deliver! While some of them, like Gladys and Thelma, still feel stuck in style limbo, others are racing up the popularity charts once more.

If vintage baby names are your style, chances are that favorites from 1923 will appeal to you. Let’s start with some of the more intriguing 1923 girl names, and then dive into the whole Top 100.


AURELIA (#490 now; #529 in 1923)

Golden Aurelia was relatively uncommon in 1923. Today, that’s still the case. But it fits with every trend we love for our daughters, and could make a perfect alternative to current chart-toppers like Amelia or Olivia.

BESS (unranked now; #812 in then)

A sweet Elizabeth nickname, Bess was once given independently, too, at least sometimes. Today it’s seldom heard at all, but with Tess so popular, it might be the perfect revival pick.

CECILE (unranked now; #296 then)

File tailored, sophisticated Cecile somewhere between cousin Cecilia and the equally French Genevieve. Madeline has been a go-to for girls for decades, and Cecile sounds like a potential successor.

CONSUELO (unranked now; #368 then)

A Spanish-English crossover possibility with the vintage glam of Gilded Age icon Consuelo Vanderbilt. Named for her half-Cuban godmother, Consuelo went on to make headlines when she married the Duke of Marlborough in 1895.

DELPHINE (unranked now; #491 then)

Like Cecile, this tailored, French name could wear well today, fitting right in on the same playground as Josephine.

FAYE (#564 now; #203 then)

An ethereal mini name, Faye is equal parts straightforward vintage charmer and fanciful surprise.

GARNET (unranked now; #511 then)

A gemstone name every bit as wearable as Pearl or Ruby. While other gemstone names shine, Garnet remains stuck in obscurity – but that might make it the perfect stands-out/fits-in choice.

GEORGETTE (unranked now; #462 then)

Georgia is on top. So is Scarlett. Georgina is another feminine form of George recently returned to the US Top 1000. Georgette combines the best of both, with plenty of spark.

LEATRICE (unranked now; #449 then)

Leah meets Beatrice, a name once made famous by silent film star Leatrice Joy. Any list of the most popular baby names of our moment is packed with L names for girls. If we love Leia and Leilani and Loretta, why not Leatrice?

LETTIE (unranked now; #512 then)

With names like Sadie, Millie, and Hattie in favor, Lettie fits right in.

LIDA (unranked now; #714 then)

With names like Leah, Lyla, and Lydia so popular, Lida is just a little different.

LUCINDA (unranked now; #488 then)

We love Lucy, but this longer form remains rare today.

MARVEL (unranked now; #583 then)

It sounds like a twenty-first century innovation, but 1923 girl names included some stunning word choices, too. With children answering to Legacy and Legend, it’s hard to believe that Marvel is a vintage comeback possibility.

NOVELLA (unranked now; #513 then)

Nova meets Ella for a very 2023-approved choice with surprising history from the past century, too.

RAMONA (#794 now; #330 then)

While Ramona was even more stylish then, it’s a dramatic, romantic choice with plenty of strength – just right for now.

RITA (unranked now; #50 then)

A favorite among 1923 girl names, Rita could fit right in with so many favorites like Luna, Aria, and Ruby.

THORA (unranked now; #950 then)

Cora, Nora, and Aurora all make the current Top 100, and Flora makes the Top 1000, too. Back in 1923, -ora names were also having a moment, and they brought Norse import Thora along with them.

TWILA (unranked now; #565 then)

Stella’s overlooked twin, Twila means twilight.

YVETTE (unranked now; #589 then)

1923 girl names included plenty of Eve names, like French import Yvette.

ZELLA (unranked now; #408 then)

Another -ella name, a logical addition to our list of so many favorites, from Ella to Antonella to Aubriella.

TOP 100 GIRL NAMES from 1923

  1. Mary
  2. Dorothy
  3. Helen
  4. Margaret
  5. Betty*
  6. Ruth
  7. Virginia
  8. Mildred*
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Frances
  11. Doris*
  12. Evelyn
  13. Anna
  14. Marie
  15. Alice
  16. Marjorie*
  17. Irene
  18. Florence
  19. Jean*
  20. Lillian
  21. Martha
  22. Louise
  23. Rose
  24. Catherine
  25. Ruby
  26. Shirley*
  27. Lois*
  28. Eleanor
  29. Gladys*
  30. Josephine
  31. Thelma*
  32. Edna*
  33. Barbara
  34. Annie
  35. Lucille
  36. Edith
  37. Pauline*
  38. Ethel*
  39. Grace
  40. Hazel
  41. Norma*
  42. June
  43. Bernice*
  44. Marion*
  45. Phyllis*
  46. Beatrice
  47. Esther
  48. Gloria
  49. Clara
  50. Rita*
  51. Juanita*
  52. Ann*
  53. Emma
  54. Sarah
  55. Jane
  56. Patricia*
  57. Lorraine*
  58. Geraldine*
  59. Gertrude*
  60. Katherine
  61. Elsie
  62. Julia
  63. Agnes*
  64. Bertha*
  65. Marian*
  66. Eva
  67. Willie*
  68. Ida*
  69. Vivian
  70. Kathleen
  71. Anne
  72. Kathryn
  73. Laura
  74. Wilma*
  75. Nancy
  76. Maxine
  77. Charlotte
  78. Pearl
  79. Viola*
  80. Wanda*
  81. Bessie*
  82. Vera
  83. Dolores*
  84. Myrtle*
  85. Audrey
  86. Violet
  87. Elaine
  88. Nellie
  89. Alma
  90. Jeanne*
  91. Lillie
  92. Lucy
  93. Ella
  94. Jessie
  95. Eileen
  96. Stella
  97. Genevieve
  98. Sylvia
  99. Minnie*
  100. Leona

* Indicates that the name does not rank in the current US Top 1000 for calendar year 2021, as updated in May 2023.

Do you have any favorite 1923 girl names?

First published on January 12, 2023, this post was revised on June 9, 2023 and again on August 8, 2023.

1923 girl names

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  1. Oh, this is my style! Dorothy is my absolute favorite first name that I would use right now, but I am attached to Aurelia due to a family connection and think it would be the perfect middle name with an evergreen classic first name. I love Bess and I would use it on its own perhaps with Aurelia as the middle name. I also adore Nell and May.