Name of the Day: Zara

On the heels of Aurora, here’s yet another princess name – but this time, one worn by a real life heir to the throne.

Thanks to Sophie for suggesting Zara as Name of the Day.

Strictly speaking, Zara Phillips isn’t a princess.


  1. Kristine says

    I knew a girl named Zaira. I always liked it, but I wouldn’t use it, maybe because my mom’s name is Sara, and it seems like a more modern version.

  2. SophieGray says

    Thanks for another NotD :)

    I thought of Zara when I saw she sat at #26 for my state in 2008! I never even expected her to chart at all! So she’s rather common down here.. outranking seemingly popular names like Claire, Isabel, Alexandra and Madeleine.

    I find her really sassy and strong, yet she has a grounded quality about her that I like. I toyed with the combo Zara Rosalie Alais for a while not too long ago just for fun :)

    Anyway – she’s a great name indeed

  3. Laney McDonald says

    I love Zara, although I like Zora better. Zaria is pretty too.

    My friend’s soon to be born daughter’s name is Zora so I’ve grown to really like it. Her 18 month old son calls the baby Sora (after the Kingdom Hearts character), which rhymes with Zora but means sky in Japanese. lol He can’t say the Z sound at all.

    If my friend hadn’t decided on Zora, I would definitely use it or Zara. Either of them would be a good way to honor my sister Sarah.

    I’d be excited to meet a little Zara.

  4. Allison says

    I knew a middle eastern gal named Zara who was about my age… I thought it sounded attractive and intriguing without being too far-out or affected. Short and sweet, I like it.


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