top-25-pregnancy-blogs-2013Thanks to Aela Mass and the lovely people at Babble for naming Appellation Mountain one of the Top 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013!  I’m delighted to be among such distinguished company.

It also speaks to how truly important names have become in 2013.  Once upon a time, the kind of name stories that I try to bring forward for consideration were rare.  We had baby name books, skinny little paperbacks with alphabetical lists.  And we had our friends and family to suggest that we name the baby after Uncle Louie or that glamorous actress or why not just Bill?

Today we’re rich with options – for the paths we follow in our lives, and for the hopes and dreams we have for our children.  Names are a small part of that tremendous possibility.  The community around naming can be wonderfully generous and supportive, too, and so very helpful when our friends and family are puzzled that we haven’t chosen a name yet.

So if you’re visiting for the first time, welcome!  A brand new Baby Name of the Day is posted every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Mondays are re-run days, where I revisit a past Baby Name of the Day.  (I’ve been blogging names since January 2008, so many of them need a refresh!)  Fridays are lists of different names – everything from lists of formal names for popular short forms like Max or Ellie to lists of names from a category, like Girls’ Names Ending with R or Place Names for Globetrotters.  Some of my favorites posts are The Hermiones and The Katnisses.

As it happens, I’m a little short of name of the day nominations at the moment, so if you’re curious about a specific name, feel free to nominate it below.  It will likely be a few months before I get to them, but I’d love to hear which names have captured your imagination.


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  1. I’d like to nominate Esperance! I came across this in France recently but I’m told it’s also a popular name in Spain – Esperanza, or Espe. I just love the sound and meaning of the French Esperance (hope). I am from Austtalia where this is also a place name for a gorgeous part of the west coast.