Sunday Summary: 5.19.19Did you see Amy Poehler’s interview with Seth Meyers? Way back in 2008, she and ex-husband Will Arnett welcomed son Archie. And now, eleven years later, it’s the latest royal baby name.

Her reaction mirrored the parents of so many Penelope-pre-Kardashian, George-avant-Cambridge, Luna-before-Legend babies. It mixes pride – because you thought of that great name first – and a groan. What if there’s a wave of same-named kids now?

When it comes to choosing an under-the-radar name for our kiddos, we’re all with Amy, hoping that our kids’ names stay just slightly unusual forever and ever.

With all the new data out earlier this month, plenty of families are feeling this for other reasons, too. Did your kids’ names increase in popularity, decrease, or hold steady? And how did you feel about the outcome?

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  1. I read the post about Percy without even thinking of Percy Pig! I’m a terrible Brit haha. But he’s definitely a good association with the name 🙂

  2. If I saw twins named Jacob & James or Isabella & Elizabeth, I’d assume the parents did it on purpose as a way to have “matching” twin names.

  3. Like most name nerds I forget that a lot of things aren’t common knowledge. I recently saw a boy on Elea’s site called James Santiago which sounds great but would drive me mad. They may have been going for that or have another story to tell but it still feels like they maybe don’t know what the name means….

    A friend wanted to have siblings Jacob and Israel and thought it was too much but I told her to go for it so obviously I’m not a stickler for the rules though.

  4. I know a family with a Jack and a John. To me that is so much worse than Isabella and Elizabeth! (Not that I would ever say anything to them!)

  5. Blake’s daughter is named Inez. I keep seeing people spell it Ines but she’s already clarified its Inez.
    If its a girl, I mean the possibilities are endless since one is really masculine the other very feminine. I do think it’ll end in a consonant

    1. Thanks, Allure – I had it in my head that she had clarified it was Ines-with-an-s, but right you are! Fixing now …