City Carpet Number 7
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I’m writing from the floor of our home’s once-office, soon-to-be-playroom.

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  1. I actually know a boy named Xavian R0sario. He’ll be two next month. It reminds me of Xavier and Avery, so it sounds completely masculine to me.

    I’ve been traveling this week and met several precious sib sets. Gideon and Solomon, twins about six, and their little brother Raphael, who they called Raffi and Ro-Ro, right around Jamey’sage

  2. The Ten Worst Names was a little silly. Superman’s parents are still calling him “4Real Superman”; all his siblings have “4Real” in front of their names. The law may stop you from putting a name on the birth certificate, but it can’t stop you from CALLING your child anything you want!

    Oh dear, the poor Name Lady – what a vague and generic request! I loved the person who said she knew EXACTLY what the asker wanted, nothing in the Top 100, then listed a bunch of Top 50 names!

    I must admit to being one of those incredibly literal people when it comes to names, and if something means “son of whatever”, then to me that’s a boy’s name. So I still see Diaz as masculine, but I think for other people, they must hear the name and think of Cameron Diaz, so it’s a girl’s names.

  3. Godiva reminds me of St. Godelieve. I really like the name, but I suppose it would take some nerve to use a name with the prefix God-. Although the nickname Lieve could be useable.

    At church today, the Prayer Concerns included a Nevah Lee. Surprisingly she is not a toddler, but rather a parishioner’s 80-something grandmother.

    Good luck on the room transformations.

    1. Oh, I love Godelieve! But maybe in the middle spot …

      Nevah is pretty – Neve is one of my new favorites.