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We took the kids to New York this weekend, a trip that was more hectic and compressed than usual for a whole bunch of boring reasons. Aly’s only request was a trip to FAO Schwartz. (Is it me, or did the store shrink? Walking into the legendary toy emporium used to be absolutely awe-inspiring, but this time it was just … big.) After hitting the Lego and Playmobil sections, I found myself wandering past the Lalaoopsy dolls. Have you seen them? The mass-produced rag dolls don’t really have human names, but there are some retro gems tucked in: Bea, Dot, Suzette, Coral, and Rosy, plus some modern up-and-comers: Ember, Prairie, Blossom, and Jewel. I’ll have to stage an intervention, however, if you consider inking Toffee or Tippy on a daughter’s birth certificate. Unless you’re Jamie Oliver. I think he and Jools are exempt from normal baby naming constraints.

Elsewhere online:

  • Spotted a birth announcement for a little Iley Lanette, a little sister for Mallory and Aida. Creative naming? Inspired by text-speak ILY, for I Love You? Or just Riley without the R?
  • I do like a name with an umlaut.
  • Did you see this thread about Mildred? I’m fascinated by the suggestions that Millicent is wearable, and Millie is downright darling, but Mildred is just too fusty for consideration. Of course, she has her defenders, too, and I love comments like this one from Devon: ” If you are comfortable being a style leader rather than a follower, follow your heart and go with Mildred …”
  • Someone is considering Ellery for a daughter on Swistle! That’s my dear, departed step-grandfather’s name, and I am delighted to see it under consideration. It made my boys’ list, and girls’ list, too, but only in the middle spot.
  • From Nook’s list, I very much want to love Falco. Except I automatically think Edie, and then I hear the opening strains of “Vienna Calling” and “Rock Me Amadeus.” Never mind the nature name connection or the sixth century saint.
  • Fritinancy tries to explain the puzzling persistence of Susie. She also points out that Susie is played by an actress named – wait for it – Lennon.
  • Libellue is awfully cutesy for the first spot, but I appreciate Mer’s attempts to boost her. In the middle, I think she’d be perfection – far more interesting than Elizabeth.
  • So if you’re born on Leap Day in the Netherlands, you’re a Schrikkelbaby. Best word ever! The names Emma rounded up are great, too: Raf, Yfke, Maud, Milou.
  • I agree with Zeffy – wait, that’s no surprise. But really, can be please have a Saffron or two, along with all of these little Scarletts and Violets?
  • I’m not big on parenting advice, but I might have read Soleil Moon Frye’s book just because I love her firstborn’s name so much: Poet Sienna Rose is just gorgeous. But I still can’t get over Jagger Joseph Blue on a girl. Still, if you happen to see a copy, please flip through and report if she talks about baby names!
  • For Real spotted a Colette in her Dakotas round-up. This one is really growing on me!

That’s all for this week. As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!

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  1. I’m a little late to comment…

    I love Mildred, but I can’t talk my husband into it. He thinks it sounds too old lady-ish. He also says that of a lot of the names that are popular now, like Lucy. But he adores Charlotte. No logic with him I guess…

  2. I just wanted to point out the difference between an umlaut and a diaeresis. Although they both look like two dots, they have a different function. The two dots in Lo

  3. There is actually a little two-year-old Mildred in my son’s playgroup. I find it really odd, especially since her baby sister has a trendier, fresher-sounding name. I like some old-fashioned names, but Mildred is not one of them. It’s like someone smushed together mildew and dread.

    I question whether many non-French-speakers could approximate a correct pronunciation of Libellule. It’s quite a tongue-twister. I do think it’s prettier than Lullaby, which to me just sounds silly, even on an infant.

    1. Oh, forgot to mention that I love Saffron, but it’s already been vetoed by my better half. Maybe with bright yellows becoming trendy in the fashion world, Saffron will gain a little steam!

  4. Commenting on Mildred: My mom is named Milda, but often gets confused for a Mildred. She went by Millie in high school but her family has always called her Milda. She has often told me that I should NEVER name a child after her. She hates her name and its similarity to the word mildew. Still, I’ve thought of Matilda with the optional nn Tilly as a way to honor her. But citing my mom, Mildred & Milda are a no go.

  5. The Mildred/Millicent thing really got to me, too. I always had a soft spot for Mildred, from THE WORST WITCH but Millicent just makes me think of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

  6. My Grandpa had a sister named Mildred. I’d love to honor her with a namesake, but I doubt I’d have the guts.

    The Susie article is interesting. I’ve noticed my name used as generic “Mom” name in insurance or banking commercials… I wonder what that says about my fellow Julies.

    This weekend I met a little blonde Passion. Initially I thought it sounded stripperish, but knowing my straitlaced community… I’m guessing her parents are devout Catholics.

  7. Falco has been a long time favorite, don’t know if I’d ever actually use it.

    Mildred is one of those names that I’d find cool on someone else but its never a name I’d consider myself. I guess that would make its a Guilty Pleasure?

    I love Saffron and Colette is darling!

    I agree, Poet Sienna Rose has to be one of my favorite celebrity baby names. I can’t say the same for the younger sibling, though. I have always fancied Jagger on a boy, but not on a girl.

  8. Whoa! I was JUST telling somebody that it seemed off that the little girl in the Verizon commercials is named Susie. (Like the writer of the article said, you would expect Lily, Ellie, Emma, etc.) Still, the commercials are pretty fab and her name is memorable, so…mission accomplished on Verizon’s part.

  9. Amadeus, Amadeus. Rock me Amadeus… Falco is out.

    As for Mildred, well, that’s one that feels like it’s trying too hard and missing the mark. Millie, maybe, Mildred never. Trudy maybe, Gertrude never. Henry maybe, Herman never. And on…