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  1. Ta for the reply- I actually really like the comment ” fabulously strange” I think that is exactly how to describe his name. I hope you don’t think I am angry about the comments- more interested but mildly annoyed at the capital letters. I guess this is exactly your point in that in whose opinion are names “silly”. I love individual names and can’t see why we don’t broaden the horizons when it comes to the naming departments. I actually wanted Siegfried or Wolfgang but so many people “pooh poohed” it that we changed to what we chose , a kind of modern version. Regarding the “most loved” comment a few people have said “he’s gonna hate you when you’re older” or think we did it to be somehow mean to our bub- not at all we just wanted it to be different …and it really does suit him 🙂

    1. Exactly! I was born Amy in 1973. In the US, Amy was the second most popular name for girls born that year, right behind Jennifer. I hated having a common name. You really, really can’t win! 🙂

  2. As mummy (and Daddy) of Ollie Ziggy Bear….. we love it and never a child has been more loved. For those of you who don’t like it that is fine- I can’t stand the names Dylan or Michael but I would never dream of making personal remarks regarding those names being attached to indivdual children or calling them silly. If he doesn’t like it when he is older we will drop it, he just might love being an individual- also, I’m a teacher that has taught so many children in the past I wanted something unique and not attached to any negative memories. Relax people it suits him I can’t imagine him being called anything else…it got you talking and guess what… it’s memorable 🙂

    1. Simone, EVERY child is the most loved ever. (And in the rare cases where that’s not true, it’s too sad for words.)

      When I saw your comment, I couldn’t recall how Oliver Ziggy Bear fared, but I’d say he got a mostly positive response. (“Fabulously strange” means exactly that – exceptionally unusual, surprising.) AppMtn tends to be a site for those who appreciate unusual names, and that’s why I write.

      But it’s also an online place, and there’s freedom to say things that we wouldn’t say to a neighbor or friend. Plenty of my favorites – even names that I’d bestow on my future children – get less-than-favorable responses. (Hester and Huxley come to mind.)

      It’s the risk of naming your child an unusual name. Clio – when she isn’t being called Chloe – often earns a raised eyebrow. So please come back, and, when Michael finally becomes the Baby Name of the Day, feel free to give him the thumbs down.

      If you’d like to suggest Ziggy, or hey, even Bear, for Baby Name of the Day, write into appmtn (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll be happy to oblige!

  3. a) Sati reminds me of a book called Sati by 1980s YA horror writer, Christopher Pike. It was his first foray into Adult fiction.
    b) I’ve seen Tiana around for a few years. Tiara, too. I’m not surprised o overwhelmed by Disney’s pick.
    c) When it comes to ballets, the name I love (more so, this time of year) is Clara, from the nutcracker.
    d) Can anyone be surprised that Nameberry’s readers are not fans of yooneek names? Really?

    1. e) How did I skip Oliver Ziggy Bear?! Well, I really think that if parents want to call their children silly names, they should. AS NICKNAMES. Ethan is often called Smethan (it rhymes) and Smeetharoo, but stick it on his BC permanently? Never.

    2. Tiana was originally Maddy. Laura Wattenberg wrote a thoughtful article on the choice here: BNW blog post on Tiana.

      She wrote ” … in their scramble to honor African-American history Disney switched from a historically accurate African-American name to the complete opposite.”

      As for the Nameberry poll re: yooneek names, no. No, I’m not surprised that Nameberry readers don’t like them. What did surprise me is how COMPLETELY they were trashed. I assumed some lurkers would hit the “I love ’em” button. And I figured more readers would neutral. One comment suggested they be made illegal, which, to me, is a little much.)

  4. Hmm, I actually dig Satyana, nickname Sati, quite a bit. I think I will have to do a bit of research on her and maybe post about her in the future.

    Unforntunately, I can see Neytiri catching on. I won’t be surprised if Tiana becomes a big hit within the next few years.

  5. Oliver Ziggy Bear is over the top, but I do like Ziggy. I think it’d make a great nickname, I’m just not sure for what.

    I feel terrible for the classic namer with the three horribly named step-kids. Yikes. I don’t know what I’d do in her situation. She can’t give in!

    Oh, and a boy named Fate Whisper? Wow, I mean, poor kid.

  6. I know of (online) a little kid with Ziggy and a word that means “awe inspiring” in his name. He has another two middles also I believe. It grew on me big time. Being pregnant makes me susceptible to fascination with off the wall names. Must say “NO!” to Ziggy, must. ‘Tis hard.

    I glossed over Tiana. Typed on autopilot. I’m so used to see Tiarna, Tianah and Tiarnah. Wow, it’s spelt correctly on an Aussie kid for a change!

    I need to prise myself away from here.

  7. Oliver Ziggy…. hmmm, food for thought… I really like it actually… (Ziggy Bear is too much like Huggy Bear for me), but just Ziggy is kinda fun and maybe even doable – or am I suffering from some kind of dementia with guests on the way, Christmas, baking, and last minute baby prep?