When I thought about writing a Sunday summary, I worried. Would there really be baby name news every week?


Here’s the report for the week of January 18:

  • First, reader Inbal has welcomed her daughter, Talia. Congratulations and all the best to the family! Talia will be Name of the Day on March 7.
  • In Starbaby news, the big story was Seraphina Affleck. (Nope, no one guessed it over on Nameberry!) Other celeb kids joining the world include singer Charlotte Church’s son Dexter and Biggest Loser host Allison Sweeney’s daughter Megan Hope.
  • And then there’s Huckleberry. When Dad is called Bear and spends his professional life filming a television show about surviving in inhospitable climes, I guess we shouldn’t expect him to call his boy Jack. But still.
  • I’d never suggest you name a daughter after a contestant on VH1’s Rock of Love. But Season Three contestant Constandina has quite the interesting appellation. I can’t decide if she sounds like a pasta sauce or the next Garner-Affleck baby.
  • You’ve probably already found this, but I couldn’t resist linking to Baby Name Brainstorm’s 7 Species of Middle Names. Food for thought!

Lastly, if I you suggested Names of the Day and I’ve yet to reply, my apologies! I plan to catch up later this week.

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  1. Congrats Inbal! Love your daughter’s name. Talia is beautiful.

    Kylie. I agree with you about Aya. It’s cute, but still professional. I’m adding it to my name list now too, if my boyfriend agrees to it.

    Huckleberry? Poor kid! Huck sounds too close to the F word to me and Huckleberry as a name in general is awful. Not crazy about Seraphina. It doesn’t match with Violet. I actually prefer the Japanese girl’s name Seira (means “holy and good”, and it’s pronounced Say-ra). I heard the name in the anime Mermaid Melody and love her character, but the name itself is kind of cool too.

    OMG! Do any of you read online birth announcements. Some of those names on there are really bad. One of them had a little baby girl named Monkyi (Looks like Monkey misspelled but not sure how the mother pronounces it). She’s gonna get the crap kicked out of her when she’s older. She was born to a woman in New Jersey. https://www.newbabynews.net/hospitals/jcmc36/public/jcmc36birthannouncement.pl?babyID=h36-2393

    Did you follow up on little Adolf Hitler Campbell’s story? Last time I read, him and his sisters were removed from their parents’ home.

    How about Seira and Kaisa/Kaijsa as NOTD’s? Kaijsa has been on my list for a while and it honors my boyfriend’s grandmother Katherine, and Kaisa/Kaijsa is often used in Estonia, Greece and Finland as a nickname for Katherine.

  2. Love Seraphina and Dexter, just hope that they don’t get too popular.
    Is it alright to leave suggestions here for NOTD?
    I will leave them anyway:
    Hero (for a girl)

    1. Great ideas for NotD, Natalie! I’ll cover Ursula on 3/15, Hero on 3/21 and Daphne on 4/2.

  3. Constandina is all pasta to me, but I got a good giggle from your note 🙂

    Congratulations, Inbal, on the birth of Talia! Really beautiful name!

    As for celeb babies, well, perhaps they can take notes from Inbal next time 😉 Seraphina is overly fussy for me (especially with sister Violet), Huckleberry just seems like a joke, and while Megan Hope is pretty, it’s a tad yawn-worthy.

  4. Yep, there are a few Huckleberry’s out there. I saw it over at YCCII, Elisabeth had a post up about him.
    Another Congratulations to Inbal & Talia. Tali’s gorgeous! .

    Of the new celebrity babies, I like Seraphina but am sorely disappointed in the sibset. Uneven, big time is trhe nicest I can be. I’m fairly disappointed there. I find Megan Hope pretty, but a touch dated, the youngest Megan I know is 19 this year. Margaret Hope would have sparkeled. Dexter is one I actually like. A bit geeky, even when cool. Yep, I firmly like Dexter.

    And your comment on Constandina made me chuckle, I immediately thought of tomato paste reading it! 😀

  5. Your note on Constandina made me chuckle 🙂
    Congrats Inbal! Talia is a beautiful name.
    It seems as if Bear Grylls isn’t the first celeb to call his son Huckleberry- aren’t there two or three others?