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  1. Hi all, does anyone know what’s up with Onomastitrix’s website right now? It says you have to be invited in order to view it! Just when my fervour for baby names has reignited!! 🙁

  2. I don’t understand why parents in France would be so uproarious about the new renault being called Zoe. I mean, if it is already a common name, I can’t imagine the car ruining its reputation.

    Lucinda Rose is darling!

    1. Exactly, Sebastiane. Then again, here in the US I’ve heard of girls named Mercedes after the car. And Porsche, not Portia. So … maybe my perspective just isn’t French.

  3. Makes me wonder if Patrick and Stephen like having more ordinary names or if they feel a little left out.

  4. Patrick
    Stephen Howard L.
    Malachai Isaac
    Peppermint Aries
    Echo Xavier
    Rogue Aqua
    Frodo Jesus S.
    Morpheus Oracle M.
    Artemis Lemony M.
    Blackbird Winterberry
    Voorhees Halloween

    Someone on a private board did a little research into middle names (using ancestry-type sites) and found some middle names. It’s a little scary.

    1. Oh my WOW! I am speechless. I’ve defended unusual names plenty of times, but these verge on cruel – at least from Rogue Aqua on down. And Voorhees Halloween? That’s over the line.