Congrats to Amy Poehler and Will Arnett on the birth of Archie. Word is that he arrived yesterday and Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well.

We’ve yet to learn if Archie is the full name or short for Archibald. (Or Archer, maybe?) But we’re quite excited about the first name – it’s a little bit daring, but quite dashing, too. And it beats the names that Dad hinted at a few weeks back – Midnight or 411!

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  1. Archibald it is:

    To Amy Poehler and Will Arnett in New York on Saturday, October 25, 2008, a son, Archibald William Emerson Arnett, a grandson for Alix and Jim Arnett of Toronto and for Eileen and Bill Poehler of Boston, and a great- grandson for Molly and Bill Palk of Winnipeg and Audrey Arnett of Calgary.

  2. You’re right, I forgot. *my bad* You’d think after all the episodes my Dad made me watch I’d’ve recalled that fact.

  3. Lola, the Bunkers lived in Queens. Please don’t mistake Queens for Brooklyn. They are worlds apart. Thanks!

  4. Archie still has that “Brooklyn” feel to me. (I close my eyes and Edith is still screeching it/. Funny how I love Edith though!). I really hope it’s short for something. Archibald would make me swoon, Archer’s cool and I’d use it for no other reason than it was the surname of Scott Bakula’s Jonathan Archer, Captian of the Enterprise, in Enterprise. (Told you we’re Trekgeeks) 😀 I agree with Corinne, they are generally fantastic namers over there. I can’t wait ’til, Bill Hader’s wife has one. (He’s easily my favorite of the crew these days) But I’m still out to lucnh overall on Archie. I really do want to like it but can’t make myself yet. Now if they come out and say “Oh, Archie’s short of Archer or Archibald” (why do I think that Archibald may appeal to theyir sense of the absurd?) I’ll breathe easier. Archie just says British to me. Kate, say something about Brits and nicknames! My brain just fried!

    But for the record, I was expecting worse than Archie.

  5. My grandfather used the pen name Archie White, so I’m partial to all of the Arch-names. And I *love* Archer – it’s easily one of my favorite names, though unfortunately, it’s too close to my husband’s name, Arthur, for us to use. But I’d love to meet some more little Archies/Archers/Archibalds!

  6. I’m hoping for Archer nn Archie, but Archie itself is still really cute! Archibald is too surnamey for me.

    They can really name babies over there! Tina Fey has Alice and Maya Rudolph has Pearl!

  7. Archie is cute but i hope he has a “proper” name and that “Archie” is just a nickname. I quite love Archie as a nickname for Archer but would never use it on its own.