It’s July! Time for fireworks, picnics, and long days at the pool. Oh, and the Great Summer Baby Names Showdown. Grab a glass of lemonade and let’s add some friendly competition to those hazy, lazy days of summer.

Wondering what, exactly, this Name Showdown is all about?

Every year, the US Social Security Administration releases the 1000 most popular baby names for children born in the US during the prior twelve months. The release typically happens the Friday prior to Mother’s Day in May.

One of the most intriguing parts of the list? The new names that debut or return to the rankings.

Why does that matter?

Simply put, the US Top 1000 is The List. Pretty much everyone writing or talking about names draws inspiration from that particular data set.

And while the Social Security Administration generously provides a wealth of additional data, including files of every single name given to five or more girls or boys in a single year, well … we tend to focus on the main attraction.

That means that a name ranking in the Top 1000 is more likely to be noticed, and thus, more likely to rise in use during future years – even if the original spark that sent the name climbing in use has dimmed.

In May of 2024, the new data set for 2023 was released. It included 44 names that weren’t ranked on the prior list.

From those 44 names, I’ve narrowed it to just eight choices.

Names that feel particularly stylish. Potentially influential. Or just downright interesting.

And now you get to vote, bracket-style, until those eight names become just one.

The champ will join prior New Name Showdown winners:

  • Marigold (2023)
  • Guinevere (2022)
  • Etta (2021)
  • Elodie (2020)
  • Zora (2019)
  • Marlowe (2018)
  • Sylvie (2017)
  • Arden (2016)

Vote however you like! You can vote for the name you think is mostly likely to catch on. Or the one you’d be inclined to give to a child of your own.

But do vote, because it’s your choices that pick the next winner!

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  • DANIA #853
  • AINARA #870
  • ALITZEL #871
  • EMRYN #888
  • SOLANA #934
  • ELEANORA #946
  • WINIFRED #967
  • SERAPHINA #974






Voting stays open until Thursday, July 11th. Please check back then to see which names advance, and of course, to vote in the next round!

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What do you think?


  1. The most difficult choice for me was between Emryn and Solana. They’re both great names, but I went with Solana as it feels the stronger of the two. Looking at the current results, it’s a tight race, but Solana is in the lead.

  2. I love a summer names competition! All my choices are in the lead so far. Seraphina’s probably my favourite- I’d love to meet a little Serrie!