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Carrie writes:

My oldest son is named Everest Asher.

At times it felt like getting pregnant was like climbing that impossible mountain, and he’s a constant reminder that you keep trying for the things that are important to you. Asher is after my mom, because it has a similar meaning to her name. Because I went so big for my first son‘s name I’m struggling to find my second son‘s name.

I’ve been considering:

  • Hayes, because I like the meaning with fire.
  • Lucas, a name I’ve always loved, along with the meaning light. I’d consider pairing it with Isaac so his name would be light and laughter/joy.
  • Bodhi, but that one might just be too big/hippy for me.

Names with meanings are what I’m going for but I would love guidance or even other suggestions, too.

Please read on for my response, and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Dear Carrie –

Congratulations on your new son! Everest Asher is a great name, with so much rich meaning. But I can imagine it might making naming a future child even more difficult!

Here’s what leaps out at me: while Everest is relatively rare as a given name, it doesn’t sound all that out-there. In fact, it sounds an awful lot like another fast-rising surname name, Everett.

In fact, I can imagine brothers named Hayes and Everett, or Isaac and Everett. Substitute Everest, and those names work every bit as well.

Bodhi, with so much spiritual significance, leaps out at me as an equally logical match for Everest.

And yet, those names represent opposite ends of the spectrum. There’s meaningful, but more surprising Bodhi at one end, and Hayes and Isaac as more mainstream choices – but with the potential to be just as special for your family.

It feels like we need more names that fall in the middle: distinctive, meaning-rich, but not too out there, right?

I wonder if any of these might work as a brother for Everest Archer:

Arrow – Like Everest, Arrow falls outside of the current US Top 1000, but we’re hearing it more and more. It’s a weapon, I suppose. But it’s also a virtue. It symbolizes achievement, purpose, and dedication. That’s a worthy brother name for Everest.

Blaze, Blaise – Hayes does sound like haze, which lends the name some additional appeal. But if it’s fire you’re thinking of, Blaze is an even more dramatic choice. Blaze is all word name, but Blaise? That’s almost a buttoned-down traditional, the name of a fourth century saint and a seventeenth century philosopher-mathematician. Either spelling seems like a fit for your family.

Bridger – Back in the day, if your last name was Bridger you probably lived near a bridge, or worked as a bridge keeper. Or maybe your grandfather or great-great-grandfather did. These days, bridges read differently. Building them is a good thing, a way to cross divides. That makes this name feel far more meaningful, but it’s still rugged. Jim Bridger was a famous frontiersman in the late 1800s, and a number of places in the American West still bear his name.

Fox – This is a straight-up animal name, but the fox is known for its cunning and smarts. They’re popular from folklore to modern story-telling, from Aesop’s Fables to The Fox and the Hound.

Justice/Justus – I wonder if a word name like Justice might appeal? Justus is pronounced the same, and carries the same meaning, but it’s got centuries of use behind it. There was a seventh-century Archbishop of Canterbury named Justus, so this name? It’s been around.

Lucian – You mentioned liking Lucas because it refers to light, from the Latin lux. I wonder if Lucian – which comes from lux – might appeal even more, because it’s much less popular? They’re both great names, though.

Wilder – Wilder feels like a tremendously versatile name. It’s outdoorsy, but that outdoors could be hiking through the backwoods. Or on a yacht. While Wilder is gaining in use, it’s still relatively uncommon, and could make a great brother for Everest.

Overall, my favorites are Arrow and Bridger. They hit the same stands-out, fits-in note as Everest, and they’re substantial and meaningful enough to sound like his brother.

Regardless of the name you choose, I’d be very inclined to consider Isaac as a middle. It does match up nicely with Asher. Arrow Isaac might be my favorite!

Over to you readers! What would you suggest for Everest Asher’s new brother?

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  1. I would avoid Bodhi unless you are buddhist due to how important it is in buddhist culture. Bowen or Bowie would be adorable though. Everest Asher and Bowen Lucas or Everest Asher & Bowie Isaac.

    My next thought was Fraser. The meaning “Strawberry” is not the most meaningful meaning but it is defintely interesting and therefore would be great with Everest. Everest Asher & Fraser Lucas

    Other suggestions –

    Everest Asher and Sage Isaac
    Everest Asher and Wells Isaac
    Everest Asher and Ian Lucas
    Everest Asher and Jasper Lucas
    Everest Asher and Darcy Isaac
    Everest Asher and Landry Isaac
    Everest Asher and Roscoe Lucas
    Everest Asher and Jude Isaac

  2. Bodhi all the way! Honestly I know of a little Bodhi and I think it’s not as unusual of a sound as it was 10 or 20 years ago. It wears nicely.
    The more I turn Arrow over in my mind, the more I really like it as well. It has a similar sound and vibe to names like Arlo and Milo.
    I am just a giant fan of the names Atlas and Caspian, so those get some votes too.
    I think Forest would sound good, and Apollo (the Greek god of light and truth).

  3. A while back on this blog I saw the name Arnhem. Arnhem Land is a beautiful part of northern Australia, it is a wilderness deep with culture and meaning for its ancient owners who have walked the same land for 40 000 years.

    Arnhem and Everest.

    I love the link between the biblical meanings of Asher and Isaac. Great names.

    Arnhem Isaac.

    (Also in this culture it wouldn’t be appropriation to use Arnhem- we already stole it from the Dutch 🙂 the traditional owners use another name for ceremonial purposes.

  4. Bodhi seems perfect to me, but I also like Wilder and Lucian from Abby. The “love as big as the ocean” idea is cute too.

    Kai (“sea”)
    Soren (meaning listed as “stern,” but it has that “soar” sound and Kierkegaard is a cool connection)
    Stellan (sounds like stella => star)