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We’re relying on thoughtful comments from the community to help expectant parents narrow down their name decisions. Thank you in advance for sharing your insight!

Melanie writes:

My cousin just introduced me to your site!

I need help with boy names. We’d like to use the initials M and S, in any combination. (M.S. or S.M.)

Sebastian is one name I’ve ruled out. The only other name we’re avoiding is Spencer, but it could be a middle name. We don’t want anything too different.

This baby will join sister Brynn Elliot.

Our last name is two syllables, starts with a G and ends with an -r.

Please read on for my response and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Abby replies:

Congratulations on your second!

Since you’re open to M or S names, let’s start with two separate lists, and then see if we can combine them at the end.

Though I’ll note that as soon as I wrote this, I started sorting my lists into “better as a middle” or “ought to be a first.” At least in my head!



This surname name is rising quickly. It feels sporty, thanks to Pro Football Hall of Famer John Madden. (As well as the best-selling video game series that bears his name.) It’s familiar, thanks to Maddox and Mason and similar names, but it’s a little bit fresh, too.


Such a handsome classic! The same could be said for Michael, of course. But Matt names are having a moment, including Mateo/Matteo and Matthias/Matias, so Matthew made the list.


Brynn is a brief and complete name, and that makes me wonder if Max is the logical choice for her brother’s name?


Micah is a Biblical name, but it’s not an extreme Old Testament pick like Nehemiah or Obadiah. It’s a mainstream choice, in the same broad category as Noah or Joshua.


Miles is smooth and jazzy, quick and fleet-footed, traditional and current. It’s a little bit of everything, all wrapped up into one straightforward name.



There’s something so sweet about a kid named Sam, but it ages well, too. Sam is cute on a kid, capable on a grown-up.


Like many surname names, we can all picture a shepherd – but probably don’t know anyone who actually does the job these days. Maybe that’s why it works so well as a gentle, but strong, first name possibility.


A cousin to Sylvester, Silas is a name that feels very at-home in 2023 – even with such long-established roots. It carries a great meaning, too: forest.


A Scandi import with a very current sound.


Upbeat and Irish, Sullivan is a longer name that works well as a middle or a first.


I’ve got so many, let’s have another list!

  • Overall, my favorite is probably Micah Sullivan. But I’m not sure that matches Brynn Elliot as well as it might. I like Micah Shepherd almost as much.
  • Samuel Madden or Samuel Matthew – Because who doesn’t love Sam?
  • Max Shepherd – The simplicity of Brynn and Max together is compelling.

I could go on forever, but let’s open this up to the readers!

What would you name a brother for Brynn Elliot, using names that start with M and S?

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  1. It’s already been suggested, but I think Seth sounds like a brother to Brynn. And I like Morgan as a middle name … I like that it’s Welsh like Brynn (with a similar nature meaning … sea to Brynn’s hill) and that it has unisex feel of Elliott.

    My vote is for Brynn Elliot & Seth Morgan G__ __r.