Favorite Celebrity Baby Names 2018: Girls SemiFinalsWelcome to the Girls’ SemiFinals of the Celebrity Baby Names 2018 contest!

I feel like there’s already been an upset.

Before we get to that, a brief recap: every year, I review the names from high profile birth announcements. They’re not the best in the please-name-your-kiddo-this-now sense. They’re the names that surprise, intrigue, and point to possible future trends.

But I always felt something was missing: what’s the name that this community would love best? We’re not talking about crazy Kardashian names or obscure revivals from indie rock stars. These are the kind of names that we all love, whether they’re chosen by a Hollywood A-lister, or that family down the block.

So this year, we’re voting for a fan favorite. To learn more about all the names competing for the top spot, read the Opening Round post.

But now let’s look at the outcome of that contest:

  • #8 seed Gwendolyn toppled top-ranked Emilia, 53% to 47%. Lately I’ve had my eye on both Gwendolyn and Gwen. (I almost put it on this list of substitutes for Charlotte.) Vaguely vintage, familiar but not over-used, and with an appealing -lyn ending, I can see Gwendolyn appealing to parents who love Brooklyn or Harriet, making a versatile choice.
  • Margot sailed past Isla, 66% to 34%. Maybe it’s because Margot feels unexpected, quirky, offbeat, but still intelligent and sophisticated. Of course, Isla feels like an accessible glam choice, a replacement for Ava, a little more exotic than Emma.
  • Lacy Felicity delivered the biggest win of the contest, besting lovely Lyla 70% to 30%. Maybe it’s because we love a name with a virtue meaning. Or maybe it’s because Lyla comes with multiple spellings, and might be pronounced more than one way.
  • At 64% over 36%, Genevieve also advances. Genevieve was up against Lena, a short but complete name that’s never quite caught on the way I thought it might. Of course, the same could be said of Genevieve – but maybe that’s changing?

So Gwendolyn, Margot, Felicity, and Genevieve advance.

Which name is your favorite? Vote now!

Favorite Celebrity Baby Names 2018: Gwendolyn v. Genevieve

Two long and lovely G names face off in this round, both with vintage appeal and nicknames galore.


Favorite Celebrity Baby Names 2018: Margot v. Felicity

Another match-up between vintage charmers. Do you prefer sparky Margot or romantic Felicity?


Check back next week to see which names advance, and of course, to vote for your favorite of this year’s celebrity baby names!

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  1. Love Genevieve–if we hadn’t had a family member with that name, we would have put it on our list. Our 3-year-old daughter’s namee is Felicity so I am partial to that one!