Favorite Celebrity Baby Names 2018: Boys SemiFinals Welcome to the Boys’ SemiFinal Round of the Favorite Celebrity Baby Names 2018 contest!

Every year, I like to ponder the most intriguing celebrity baby names. And I’m gearing up to do that again soon. But it also prompted this thought: Which celebrity baby names are really most popular? Not dazzlingly different. The kind of names we love when our neighbor chooses them. The names we might consider ourselves if we were expecting a son right about now.

And so I’m crowd-sourcing our favorite celebrity baby name, one for the boys and one for the girls, by focusing on celebs who chose mainstream favorites for their kiddos.

The first round started last week; check out that post for more on all of the contenders.

Let’s take a look at the results, and see which boys’ names advance to the SemiFinals:

  • #1 seed Sebastian demolished the Fixer-Upper baby, Crew! Sebastian won with nearly 78% of the vote. I still think Crew has tons of potential to be a big name in the future, but it’s easily the least mainstream of the group.
  • Regal Louis reigns, pulling in 57% of vote against Biblical boy favorite Isaiah.
  • With 66% of the vote, Beckett defeated Axel.
  • Also with 66% of the total, Miles advances, leaving Charlie in the cold. Miles is one of those names – it had sort of hit a plateau. I imagine John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s choice of the name could push it into the Top 100 this coming year.

This means that Sebastian, Louis, Beckett, and Miles continue on to the SemiFinals.

Which name is your favorite? Vote now!

Favorite Celebrity Baby Names 2018: Sebastian v. Miles

Could this match-up be any tougher? Two debonair choices for a son, modern in style but grounded in history.


Favorite Celebrity Baby Names 2018: Louis v. Beckett

Both names make handsome choices for a boy, but one is a rock solid traditional; the other, more of a modern staple.


Check back next week to see which names advance, and of course, to vote for your favorite of this year’s celebrity baby names!


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