MarchMadness2014The votes are in, and the baby names of the year are decided!

If you’ve been following the voting, you probably already know which names were victorious.  But let’s take a look back at the elite group of names they’ll join:

  • In the inaugural year of competition, Louisa and Nathaniel took the prize.
  • In 2012, the honors went to Genevieve and Arthur.
  • Last year, you voted Isla and Archer to the podium.

How have these names trended in real life?  In some ways it is difficult to say – because of the lag in Social Security Administration data, the most current year we can compare is 2012.  Still, we can see hints and patterns.  Let’s take a look:

2011 Favorite Baby Names

Louisa remains outside the US Top 1000 as of 2012’s data, but is definitely seeing an increase in use.  Nathaniel is her opposite – he was solidly established by the time 2011 March Madness launched, and continues to be heavily used, though he’s declining in the rankings.

2012 Favorite Baby Names

This time you chose the safer name for girls.  Genevieve had climbed quickly coming into 2012, while Arthur was just starting to emerge from style limbo.  My guess is that we’ll see some positive motion for him when the 2013 stats are released.  But for now, the numbers don’t demonstrate his growing appeal.

2013 Favorite Baby Names

Of course, the voters in March Madness aren’t all American – or even English-speaking!  Isla has long been a mega-hit outside of the US, but she’s a recent arrival on our shores.  No matter, though – even the 2012 data shows that Isla was spiking.  The same is true of Archer.  He’s another undeniably ahead-of-the-curve choice for a boy.

Who joins them in 2014?  Drumroll, please …

2014 Favorite Baby Names

Bragging rights for 2014 go to Cora and Everett!

Cora bested Margot, 56% to 44%, while Everett triumphed over Soren, 59% to 41%.

Hello, Downton Abbey effect. The gorgeous, gracious Duchess of Grantham helped accelerate a Cora revival.  Make no mistake, this vintage gem was already staging a comeback when the show debuted in 2010.  But she nearly double in use – from 1200 girls in 2010 to over 2000 in 2012.  Cora is a cousin for past winners Louisa, Archer, and Isla – names that are going places.

As for Everett, he’s not quite as closely tied to a single figure, but he’s climbing quickly, too, up to #214 in 2012, from #586 in 2000.  Sure, there have been a handful of high profile uses – like George Clooney’s character in O, Brother Where Art Thou?  But that was back in 2000.  Everett owes his success to sound – that great opening Ev, the tt ending.

This year’s victors?  Definitely names with history and stories aplenty, but also not names that we’ve been hearing until relatively recent years.  It’s a winning combination – obviously!

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  1. Its funny, we are going between Archer and Everett for our new baby boy (big sister is Genevieve Claire, born in 2012). Looks like we’re right in line with Appellation Mountain!

    1. Oh my goodness, Erin, you are! Genevieve Claire is a lovely name – either Archer or Everett would go perfectly, so that’s a *tough* decision. 🙂

  2. Although I voted for Soren, I think this pairing is about as perfect as it gets! Isn’t it funny that every year the two winners sound like a natural sibling set? We never seem to end up with pairings like Atlas and Catherine, or George and Harlowe.

  3. Cora and Everett would make a wonderful sibset!

    Everett Nathaniel and Cora Genevieve if I had to choose from winners only!

  4. that was fun! I like Margot more, but Cora is a FANTASTIC name to sit on top. And I did vote for Everett in the end. It is just a sweet name. In that sense, I think that Cora and Everett go together rather perfectly.

  5. Congrats! Great names! My 6 year old Everett has a friend named Cora in his class at school. I think they sound great together.