Boy Names Ending in R: The 78 Most Popular

39 Boy Names Ending in R

Boy names ending in R are quite stylish. Not only is Oliver the fastest rising name for boys in the US, but fellow boy names ending in R like Carter, Karter, and Asher also made the list.

So move over, Mason, Aiden, and Jayden! You might say that R is the new N.

Or is it? Looking at the list of the 50 most popular boy names ending in R, it’s clear that while there’s a trend, this isn’t a completely new phenomenon. And not every r-ender is actually on the rise.

Why 78, you might ask? That was the number of boy names ending in R in the current US Top 1000. Just for comparison:

  • 12 boy names ended in A.
  • 32 boy names ended in D. Far more than I would have guessed!
  • 34 boy names ended in H.
  • Over 300 ended in N! Something like 328, but I was counting with a pencil, so I don’t trust that final number. Let’s just say that it’s about one-third of the list.

Read on for the boy names ending in R, and some thoughts on the trends that they represent.

Boy Names Ending in R: The Top 78

  1. Alexander
  2. Carter
  3. Christopher
  4. Oliver
  5. Hunter
  6. Connor
  7. Tyler
  8. Parker
  9. Cooper
  10. Xavier
  11. Asher
  12. Ryder
  13. Sawyer
  14. Ryker
  15. Victor
  16. Tucker
  17. Oscar
  18. Karter
  19. Peter
  20. Tanner
  21. Xander
  22. Amir
  23. Omar
  24. Iker
  25. Javier
  26. Jasper
  27. Conner
  28. Gunner
  29. Zander
  30. Spencer
  31. Trevor
  32. Cesar
  33. River
  34. Kyler
  35. Hector
  36. Edgar
  37. Archer
  38. Arthur
  39. Walker
  40. Walter
  41. Major
  42. Skyler
  43. Porter
  44. Gunnar
  45. Dexter
  46. Chandler
  47. Taylor
  48. Neymar
  49. Nasir
  50. Yahir
  51. Conor
  52. Roger
  53. Kristopher
  54. Salvador
  55. Skylar
  56. Xzavier
  57. Jagger
  58. Fletcher
  59. Harper
  60. Samir
  61. Alexzander
  62. Fisher
  63. Junior
  64. Jamir
  65. Lamar
  66. Thatcher
  67. Konnor
  68. Eliezer
  69. Miller
  70. Zavier
  71. Konner
  72. Cristopher
  73. Turner
  74. Ameer
  75. Baylor
  76. Bridger
  77. Foster
  78. Jair

39 More Boy Names Ending in R

Boy Names Ending in R: The Traditionals

Many traditional names appear on the list of boy names ending in R, including Alexander and Christopher, but also fast-rising Oliver, comebacks like Arthur and Walter, and Peter, a name that I always expect to fare better than it has to date.

Others feel traditional, but stuck in style limbo. Think of Victor or Trevor.

Boy Names Ending in R: Antiques

Boy names tend to be slightly less subject to trends, so it’s no surprise that antique choices like Edgar, Dexter, and Roger remain in the US Top 1000. They’ve fallen dramatically from their heights, but they remain in steady use – and could easily make a comeback.

Boy Names Ending in R: The Established Surnames

Boy names ending in R like Carter, Cooper, Hunter, Sawyer, and Parker all appear high on the list. Call them modern staples. Maybe they felt uncommon fifty or eighty years ago, but today they seem like go-to names for boys.

Others fall in the middle – fading, but still steadily used. Think of Tucker, Tyler, Tanner, Spencer, and Chandler.

Taylor occupies a special place. After climbing into the Top 100 for boys and girls, Taylor now leans strongly girl. Harper’s numbers suggest a similar trajectory.

Boy Names Ending in R: Next Gen Surnames

Just as some surnames are fading, others are on the rise. Say hello to Thatcher, Fisher, Baylor, Bridger, Foster, Walker, Porter, Fletcher, and Turner.

Boy Names Ending in R: Edgy Almost-Surnames

Invented surnames make for an interesting twist on the surname trend. Names like Ryder and Ryker exist, but feel edgier and

You can find families with surnames like Archer, Jagger, Ryder and Ryker, so maybe they don’t quite belong in this category. But they feel edgy and cool, and not quite the same as preppy picks like Carter and Parker.

Others take us into the invented category. Skyler and Skyler twist the Dutch, scholarly Schuyler into something thoroughly modern, while Kyler mashes up the sounds of former favorites Kyle and Tyler.

Boy Names Ending in R: The Respellings

Some of the 78 boy names ending in R simply represent alternative spellings. Swap out the C for a K and you’ll find Karter, Kristopher, Konnor, and Konner. Cristopher drops an h. And we love to play with Xs and Zs, which gets us Zavier, Xzavier, and Alexzander.

Boy Names Ending in R: Imports

Plenty of names count as traditional elsewhere. But in the US? They’re imports. Other imports are just as new as Xzavier. This list includes some of both: Connor, Conor, Oscar, Xavier, Omar, Amir, Iker, Javier, Cesar, Hector, Jair, Ameer, Gunnar, Neymar, Nasir, Yahir, Salvador, and Samir.

Boy Names Ending in R: Biblical Boys

Parents love Biblical boy names – that’s really nothing new! But some of the boy names ending in R feel like relatively recent discoveries. Asher and Eliezer stand out in a sea of boys called Noah and Elijah.

Boys Names Ending in R: Moderns

Then come the moderns: names that aren’t completely new, but would not have been heard much before the mid-twentieth century. The list includes modern short forms of Alexander, Xander and Zander, as well as part-German, and part-tough guy Gunner.

I’ve added Lamar and Jamir here, too. They make for interesting studies. Lamar traces its roots to France, while Jamir seems like more of an invention. Both tend to be used among African American families, and they sound like heritage choices, even though the history is not quite as clear as, say, Jamal or Kwame.

Boy Names Ending in R: Word Names

Then come the word names: Jasper boasts centuries of use. Major has more history than you might guess. Junior finds favor elsewhere in the English-speaking world, notably South Africa. Meanwhile River surged from a seldom-heard hippie pick to a mainstream favorite.

What are your favorite boy names ending in R? Is there a category you like best?

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