Mirette on the High Wire
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She fits with current trends, and comes with a built-in bedtime story, too.

Thanks to Michelle for suggesting our Baby Name of the Day: Mirette.

Mirette’s precise origins are mysterious.

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  1. Our lovely 2 1/2 year old is named Mirette, but she goes by Mira! We LOVE her name and haven’t found many people who share it. I am so glad you profiled this name!

  2. Thanks for the information on Mirette – who knew? Very interesting stuff. I think it’s a nice name for here and now – original without being too weird.

  3. Given her history, you could say her native language is English! Just with a French feel — not unheard of. It’s not a name I’ve met before and I like it. It would also work well as a pet-form of Mira — even Miranda. And I love its history and operatic pedigree. But the ‘-ette’ names seem distinctly out of favor at the moment as names in their own right. Juliette’s the highest at the moment, in 371st place. A far cry from 50 years ago, when Annette was in the top 100 and Jeanette (which did reach the top 100 previously), Bernadette, Yvette, Lynette, Jeannette, Antoinette, Paulette, Nanette, Suzette, Janette, Colette, Lynnette, Danette and Bridgette were all in the top 500! Ah, the vicissitudes of fashion!

  4. I’m not a big fan of -ette names as they don’t seem serious or grown-up enough to me. I prefer Mireille over Mirette. But I do like Mirette as a nn for Miriam; nice suggestion Rosy!

  5. I like McCully’s picture book and it’s Interesting that she “invented” the name. All this time I had just assumed it was an old-fashioned nickname, maybe related to Miriam or Mira? In the long run it reminds me of the Scandinavian Marit, which I’d prefer for it’s brevity.

  6. Not enough of a real name for me, though it does have a pretty sound. I remember liking the name when I first read the book, too. Could make a nice casual nickname for a Mir starting name. Miriam, called Mirette?

  7. It reminds me of another NOTD, Miette. Neither one wear well on an actual French girl but are very pretty.

  8. And there’s my problem with Mirette! she doesn’t play well in her native language. Also, the mire- at the beginning kind of bothers me more than it should! 🙂 Mirette looks pretty but isn’t for me.