She’s a compound name that could sound just right on a 21st century playground.

Thanks to Sarah for suggesting the poetic Belphoebe as Baby Name of the Day.

Laura Wattenberg recently dubbed the rise of -belle and -bella names the New Belle Epoque.

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  1. I pronounce Belphoebe Bell-fee-bee. The name does look pretty on paper. I wouldn’t use it myself, but it would make a great middle name for a short, simple first (Jane Belphoebe, Iris Belphoebe). With the nicknames Belle, Bella, and Phoebe, I think it’s usable enough.

  2. I REALLY like the looks of this name, but I’m a bit unsure of its pronunciation myself. Is it Bell-fuh-bee or Bell-fee-bee? I prefer the first, myself… it might just have to go down in my stash of girls’ names!

  3. Doesn’t seem like a single name. Out loud it seems like a double name, Belle Phoebe. I think it seems weird because the two accented syllables are together. Contrast Belphoebe with names such as Isobel and Gabrielle, which have strong syllables separated by a weak one.

    OR…is it pronounced bell-FEE-bee, such as bree-AH-nuh or uh-MAN-duh (Briana and Amanda)?

  4. Belphoebe used to be high on my list. I have found others I like better for my future children, but she is still a gorgeous option for someone else.

    BTW: Briana is also an Edmund Spencer invention.

  5. In theory it’s fine, but somehow it just seems clunky to me. It’s just a ‘no thanks’ for me.

  6. I find it to be a really beautiful, literary name. On paper it is THE perfect girl name for me but I don’t know if I’d be able to ever use it up front. Mostly because I love how it’s said slowly but I think it would end up getting slaughtered or just turn into Bel (I’ve never been a fan despite adoring names like Lillibel, Annabel, Isobel…).

    Thank you so much for making Belpheobe your BNOTD. You are seriously the greatest.

  7. It has the same vibe as Elsbeth to me. While it is an interesting choice, it’s not one for me. It also reminds me of the name Bethsaida. A few months ago at the vet I came across a woman named Bethsaida. I think Phoebe Diane is interesting & humorous.