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Whether you're naming a baby, or just all about names, you've come to the right place! Appellation Mountain is a haven for lovers of obscure gems and enduring classics alike.

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  1. Congratulations Liz!

    Since I didn’t win, but my birthday is just right after that (January 2) could you do something special for the NOTD for 1/3 (since 1/2 will be a Sunday)? What I’d like to do is take one of my five ideas for if I’d won the drawing; I’d randomly pick one of them and you could do that name for NOTD on January 3. This asumes that you haven’t already scheduled another NOTD for that day.

      1. The plan is on then! (I sent you an e-mail saying the same thing after I’d been waiting for a reply here.) I’ll do a random draw between the five names mentioned there soon and e-mail you the result (if you reply to the e-mail I already sent I’ll mention it in a re-reply, otherwise I’ll send another e-mail in a couple of days or so).