With all the talk of Twilight names, here’s one that rarely comes up in conversation: Denali. It’s not worn by a character, but a coven – another family of vegetarian vamps.

Alaska’s Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America, at the center of Denali National Park and Preserve. Before it was named after President McKinley, the mountain was called Denali in the local Athabaskan language.

But would it wear well as a child’s name? It is similar to the surname-name Delaney, currently #209 for girls in the US. A Google search turned up a sibset – sisters Alexis and Denali, brother Paxton.

Of course, the Denali is also a luxury SUV and a clay mastodon on Gumby.

And yet, I can’t help think many parents might find Denali attractive for a son or a daughter. And so I ask – Denali, yea or nay?

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  1. I just met a Denali! A four year old girl who plays soccer with my daughter. It fits her, I think she has some Indian heritage, she has an exotic look to her.

    1. As do I, Panya. I didn’t expect Denali to be a big hit, but I’ve noticed that many lurkers often vote in favor of the Yea or Nay names.

      I can see Denali on a boy – or in the middle spot. I threatened to use Casibari, the name of a big ol’ rock formation in Aruba, as a middle name on a baby name forum years ago and was urged by dozens of respondents not to do something so cruel to my child.

      Oh well. It’s not exactly Sin Halo.