Happy Sunday! Let’s start with this video, an homage to choosing a baby name and Taylor Swift’s smash hit.

Got a long list of my favorites, you’ll think that they’re insane’cause here comes another baby, so let’s pick a name!

Pure fun.

I’m talking about single-syllable celebrity baby names at Nameberry tomorrow. Not too long ago, I probably would’ve dismissed short names, but I’ll admit – they’ve really grown on me. And while I love elaborate lovelies like Philomena, I’m charmed when someone opts for a spare, simple name like Kate. This post on slim, trim names for girls remains one of my favorites.

Elsewhere online:

  • Bree covered Atlas. This is one of those names that seemed outlandish just a few years ago, and now seems like a go-to.
  • If you go into labor into a Dodge pick-up truck and deliver your twins on your own while your husband is racing to the hospital? Seriously, name them whatever you please. I am simply in awe. But if you happen to name the girl twin Nevada Sienna and Hunter Dodge? That’s just completely amazing.
  • Thanks to Sarah for sharing this story about a family who recently welcomed their third set of twins. Could one of their kids really be named Steal, or was that a typo? The Riggs family has six kids: daughter Tatum, and sons Lincoln, Titan, Steal, Slate, and Maxon. It’s gotta be Steele or Steel, right?
  • Speaking of big families, Jennie shared the news that a British family has welcomed baby #13. It’s a girl! Meg Rosalie. See my note about slim, trim names for girls above – I’m surprised at how much I like just Meg.
  • And one more jumbo-sized family: Simcha Fisher is expecting baby #10, and briefly considered Una. Only Una Fisher = tuna fish. So, no. The good news is that they think they’ve narrowed it down, and I can’t wait to hear what they choose!
  • Briar, Beau, and Blythe are probably my favorites from this list of B names, but there are lots to consider.
  • Completely in love with the combination Titus Wildfire.
  • I’m loving these Apartment Therapy posts. Just like my Living with Kids round-up, design-minded parents tend to have kids with great names. From this list, I’m drawn to Julip – the second time I’ve heard it in the last few weeks! And Boris – Boris could totally be a formal name for Bo. I find that strangely appealing.
  • In Vannes, France, the top names are Manon and Hugo. I’m so used to seeing Sophia and Noah, etcetera in the number one spots that it’s stunning to see such different names at the top of a popularity list! Also big in Vannes? Ines and Clement! I want to go sit on a playground and just listen for names …
  • Speaking of listening for names, the names of two 6 year old ice hockey players: Annabella and Susannah! Not related. How fabulous!
  • Marie-Louise can be smooshed to make Malou or Rilou? Wow. Definitely a new one on my favorites list. And yet, I also find myself drawn to just Malou …
  • I keep returning to this Invent a Name contest on Nameberry. It’s the source of one of my newest name crushes: Pavonine. You know how feline describes cats and bovine refers to cows? Well pavonine means “of peacocks.” Lately I’m loving the combination Esther Pavonine, which joins Frederica Valentine as one of my new name crushes.

That’s all for this week. As always thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. I named a character Malou (for Mary Louise) once. She was a witch, and it seemed so fitting. I love the name, too, for even non-magical kids.