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Did you know that Sherlock Holmes has a little sister?

Okay, not according to Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the original series. But it’s not like Sherlock stopped there. He’s lived in 21st century London and New York, he’s teamed with Dr. Jane Watson, and we’ve met at least two other siblings: Mycroft, from the original stories, and Eurus, introduced by the recent BBC television series.

Enola Holmes, twenty years junior to her legendary brother, comes from American author Nancy Springer, in a series of books starting in 2006. But the name was invented, ages ago, by another writer: Mary Young Ridenbaugh, who chose it because it’s alone spelled backwards. The character in her 1886 novel made clear that’s the origin of her name. Enola has a fascinating history, but for lots of reasons, I rather doubt it will catch on. Then again, Millie Bobby Brown is about to star in a movie adaptation of the series, so never say never.

Elsewhere in the world of naming:

  • If you went into labor and gave birth at a Pink concert, wouldn’t you choose your child’s middle name accordingly? Welcome to the world, Dolly Pink Jones! (They’d originally planned to name her Dolly Louise.)
  • Soccer stars Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer welcomed their second child this week, daughter Roux James. I wasn’t sold on Roux until I realized it comes from Sydney’s surname – and that makes it kind of brilliant. The couple also has a son named Cassius.
  • So glad Elea took on this #namehelp post, about a brother for Beatrice Illyria. She’s pulled together an amazing list of options. And I agree that Theodore really does make the perfect first. I love Ossero as a possible middle – just pure genius suggestions.
  • Just for the other two or three of you who are both name nerds and hockey fans.
  • Some good perspective in this HuffPo UK piece on name theft. In brief, you can’t really steal a name, but that doesn’t mean that hurt feelings aren’t legit and problematic.
  • This question about hyphenated middle names is interesting. I like the sound of Eulalie Ada-Rose, and I’m not fussed if it breaks the family pattern a bit. But are the logistics of a hyphen just too annoying?
  • I’m fascinated by Embla and Katla, from the Top Ten names in Iceland.
  • Also: how cool is the name Caruso?
  • These lists at Tulip by Any Name are so fun: alternatives to all of the Top Ten names in the US. Especially loving Josiah for Elijah and Avalon for Evelyn.
  • Does the name Henry Mancini bring any one to mind for you? I recognize it immediately, but I’m guessing I’m in the minority in my generation. So I agree with Duana: the name works. But it’s always an interesting question when your favorite first name, combined with your surname, brings to mind someone reasonably familiar to your parents’ or grandparents’ generation – but not easily recognized by you, much less your kiddo.
  • Did you know that it’s World Asteroid Day? Every June 30th, apparently. Plenty of great names to be found: Vesta, Mathilde, or Thisbe, maybe? More below.

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. If I gave birth to a girl at a Pink concert I would may well use Cerise as a middle name!