Sunday SummaryMy husband jokes that our daughter could use a few more names.

Lately Clio is five-going-on-fourteen, and we both find ourselves using her full name with that “I’m not joking” tone that all parents try to perfect: Claire Caroline Wren!  And sometimes, my husband tacks on Marguerite Theodosia Elizabeth Mary Grace.  Or Elinor Sophia Bellatrix Louise.  And so on.

Proof that name nerdery eventually seeps into every bit of your life, maybe?

The big news of the week was, of course, the news stats from England and Wales.  I’ll turn it over to Elea ON THE BBC!  Oh my goodness!  How fabulous is she?  And the BBC anchor got it exactly – names go through an evolution, not a revolution.

Elsewhere online:

  • Congratulations to Kara at The Art of Naming on the arrival of her nicely named daughter!
  • What do you think of Nancy’s predictions that Ellar, Iselle, and Seanix will all see an uptick in use?
  • So Christina Ricci had her son, but she’s not sharing his name.  I’m not shocked – but oh, am I curious!  That reminded me to go poke around and see if Jason Schwartzman had ever shared his second daughter’s name.  Nope.
  • Interesting to see this family ponder Esther.
  • Always fun to see how a middle name can clearly indicate gender, even when the first name is ambiguous.  I voted for August in the poll, but River was slightly ahead when I cast my ballot.
  • Good thoughts on why Googling baby names may not be helpful, from Laura at Baby Name Wizard.
  • Drusilla is my favorite from this list of Bad Girls with Good Names, but there are lots of possibilities here.  Salome, Delilah, or Bellatrix, anyone?
  • Look, a baby Jarvis!
  • Love these posts with the full names of nineteenth century royals.  Birgitta Ingeborg Alice … maybe I’ll take those on to Claire Caroline Wren the next time I’m repeating myself.
  • So if Guardians of the Galaxy is a huge hit, and a sequel is due in 2017, will Peter stop sliding out of use?  I think he’s definitely an underused classic.
  • Freddie, Reggie, Stanley, Daisy – four kids in under a year, whoa!  And such British names, don’t you think?
  • I heard all the noise about the site that helps you choose baby names on available URLs.  It’s a little bit addicting as a website, but does it really help parents find names?  Still, for a couple bucks, it can’t hurt …

That’s all for this week.  As always, thank you for reading – and have a fabulous week!

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  1. It is funny how I keep seeing Jarvis popping up quite a lot these past two weeks. I recently joined a club and there was a mother there with a 1 year old called Jarvis!

  2. Oh, Elea looks fantastic on TV! So professional.

    Big welcome to Kara’s baby girl – obviously *very* (totally, completely, insanely) biased, but I do think name bloggers do a great job at naming babies.

    Huge fan of Jarvis. Come on everyone, get behind this fab name.