First, an update – if you haven’t checked back on the poll results for Which Cora Boy Name is Your Favorite? , I’ll spare you the mouse click. Thatcher has it, hands down, with 73% of the vote. Nash comes in second, with 17%. Most surprising, IMHO, Caje and Zoran both picked up 5% each.

Elsewhere online:

  • It’s not exactly name news, but two Kelly Hildebrandts are getting married. And yes, they met when the female Kelly spotted the male Kelly on Facebook and dropped him a line. Fast forward to 2032 – will we all be attending the wedding of Payton Smith and Peyton Smith, Jayden Jones and Jaidyn Jones, Jordan Wilson and Jordanne Wilson? The mind reels;
  • While we’re talking Payton, Jaidyn and Jordanne, model Angie Everhart actually named her son Kayden Bobby;
  • I’ve been working hard to keep AppMtn scorn-lite. But sometimes … well, let’s just link you to this week’s Toronto Star article about little Jaxx Kaiden. The other name mom was considering? Krispyn. Really;
  • The Toldeo Blade has an article on how parents arrive at names for their kiddos. Some of the stories are interesting; a few baffle me, like the couple who called their kiddo Ledger, after the late actor. I found myself sputtering, “But why not Heath?”;
  • Thanks to an article over at DaddyTypes, I’m now up on character names on Guiding Light, where a fellow answers to the name Mallet. Happily, Mallet is not in the US Top 1000. And Mallet is a nickname for Anthony Camaletti;
  • I’m not familiar with country music’s Jason Michael Carroll, but I was curious to read the names of his kids – Jason Weldon, known as J.W.; Gavin Michael; Savanna Nicole and Stori Paige. I liked that the first two boys both share a bit of dad’s name. Savanna isn’t my style, but I wasn’t surprised by her. But poor Stori Paige! Story is one thing. But Stori? Paired with Paige? Can you overdose on cute?;
  • All of a sudden, the name Kelis and Nas chose for their son – Knight Jones – sounds downright plain.

Spotted on other blogs:

  • Legit Baby Names’ Sebastiane continues to turn up some of the most interesting names in the blogosphere. She even indulges my personal love for smooshes, er, compound names, like this week’s Annegret;
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Xanthe Linnea’s series on Welsh Baby Names for Girls and Boys;
  • Elisabeth over at the Examiner brings up one of those perennial debates – she advises that parents keep a child’s name to themselves until you’ve put pen to birth certificate. I can argue this one both ways, but let’s face it, I blog – I’m not really capable of keeping something like that to myself;
  • From the wayback machine – one year ago today, the Name of the Day was Verity;
  • Nameberry has a great list of names that end in -ine, a la Clementine, but they’ve also included rarities like Zephyrine, Leontine and Yveline. We’ll need them, because Clementine seems destined for greatness.

Speaking of greatness, the new Danish prince is set to be baptized later today. Dad is Prince Joachim. He has two sons from his first marriage – Nikolai and Felix. The new prince is Joachim’s first with second wife Marie. Royal watchers are betting on Albert for the baby’s name. Tradition dictates that the baby’s name is not revealed ’til the baptism, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. I also prefer the names of the week to be surprises. But otherwise, I love the Sunday Summaries, that and True Blood make my Sundays far less boring.

  2. I second Wrenn’s preference for Sunday Summaries that do not include the upcoming Names of the Day — the daily surprise makes the weekdays just a little more exciting.

    Also, I believe that the new prince is His Highness Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain.

  3. I just thought I’d let it be know that I prefer the Sunday Summaries when the Names of the Day for the upcoming week are NOT revealed. I like looking forward to checking each day without knowing what I

  4. Hey Abby? Has it been mentioned here that Rachel Griffiths named her babe Clementine Grace? She’s Banjo and Adelaide’s sister. They didn’t announce right away but still I feel like I was the last to know. Just a head’s up since you mentioned the Clementine post.

    Also, can I just say how exceptionally irritating it is to have another Elisabeth who writes about names? She probably gets paid for it too. (I’m sure she’s very nice).

    Can’t wait for the Joachim baby christening!