It’s been a bumper week for starbabies wearing pink – Satyana, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Blakesley Grace.

  • I triple checked to make sure this wasn’t an April Fool’s Day hoax – but I still don’t want to believe it! Babble’s Strollerderby is reporting that a Mexican couple named their newborn daughter Krisis Mundial. I suppose if Chinese parents can call their kids Aoyun, this one isn’t so shocking. But can you imagine wearing the name World Crisis when you hit the teenage years? Yikes!
  • While I was looking for stories about children named Wynn, I stumbled across a Toronto Star column called “What’s Your Name?” You can find it on the home page of It’s been around for a while, and you follow the links to more than forty stories. This morning, articles on the page today included a boy named Erik Andrew and a girl called Georgian Lima. No, that’s not a typo! She’s named after Georgian Bay;
  • I know a pair of sisters called Hazel and Ivy – with the eyes to match – but did you know that soap opera actor Peter Reckell named his daughter Loden? Somehow I don’t think it is the next Scarlet;
  • Thanks to Photoqulity for tipping me off that Party of Five alum Scott Wolf is a new father. His son, Jackson Kayse, arrived on March 22. The first name is unremarkable, but I can’t help but scratch my head at Kayse. Is it pronounced Case? Or Casey? And why? Random spellings in the middle spot aren’t really a hassle, but I do wonder;
  • On a similar note, Paul Walker of The Fast and the Furious franchise has a daughter named Meadow Rain. I love Meadow’s hippie-chic vibe, but when paired with Rain, it sounds like a Yankee Candle fragrance. I’m taking a page from Lola’s book and mentally renaming her Meadow Jane;
  • Over at Nameberry, Pam wrote a great article on the Four-Generation Rule when it comes to baby naming. I like it better than the “100 year rule” I’ve heard referenced. It makes it personal – because often our grandparents’ names seem hopelessly old-fashioned, while someone else’s grandparents’ names epitomize cool;
  • Which brings me to the small screen. PBS is airing the BBC’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit. Anyone think Amy will defy the Four-Generation Rule and make a comeback sooner rather than later?

I’m off to assemble Easter baskets – I volunteered to coordinate our neighborhood’s Easter Egg hunt for next Saturday. Here’s hoping I struck the right balance between tooth-decay-inducing candy and parent-pleasing-organic-alternatives.

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  1. When I was little, all the popular, beautiful little girls were named Amy. I wanted to be named Amy more than anything! It’s still a name I keep on my list; I don’t care about its popularity. It’s short yet sweet and very pretty.

    We find out the sex of our baby this week, so I’ll be able to focus on only one list pretty soon. 🙂

  2. Over here (Scotland) Amy is a really popular name, I know at least four all under the age of 15.
    Probably due to it’s popularity it seems bland and boring to me.

    1. Lola, it’s fixed! 😉

      The more distance I get on Amy (it remains my legal first name, but after all these years, it is surprising to see it on my driver’s license!) the less I hate it, though it still doesn’t feel like me. I’ve heard it considered more often, too – and Natalie, that’s interesting that it is popular in Scotland!

      I think my only objection to Georgian is that Georgia is so popular that I think she’ll be called Georgia, Georgina or George-Anne. But then, if we lived near Georgian Bay, it would be simple enough to explain.

      And Photoquilty, I wouldn’t have been surprised to meet a *boy* Loden – you’re right about the -en thing.

  3. Georgian? Eeeh, it’s a style of furniture and architecture to me.

    I’ll take Meadow Jane too, Verity. Meadow Rain sounds like an eyeshadow shade to me! a nice, misty green for this green eyed chick! 😛

    PBS is doing “Little Dorrit”? Awesome! I’ll have to find out when and watch that. That’s about the only sort of stuff I’ll watch on tv anymore, otherwise it’s SNL when it’s not a repeat and that’s it. There are other ways to entertain myself, right? 🙂 I *do* think Amy will make a comeback, probably within the next 10 years. Not a huge comeback but a modest one is definitely in the works. I know a few guys who like the name and will probably push for it once their own girlchild is on the way. It’s a sweet, simple sound, and it does work on a grown woman as well. Why not?

  4. Jackson. Might as well name your child Blah. Kayse is an odd one. I want to say Casey, but am probably wrong. Loden is a great color – but as a name it has a very odd sound. Of course, it does have that -en sound that mommies love…on boys. I think it sounds like a boy name, maybe because of its similarity to Logan. Interesting week, over all. Georgian is interesting too – I don’t completely hate it!

  5. Hee hee. My husband and I are shopping for a new couch at the moment. Our current favorite is one that comes in loden. What a weird name for a kid!

    Hazel and Ivy are great names for sisters.