Happy Easter! Thanks for putting down that chocolate rabbit long enough to visit.
  • I recently heard a writer named Ethlebert Miller read at the local indie bookstore;
  • Nameberry had a great post on Easter Names. I’m intrigued by Parasha and Birch. And I went to high school with a Pascal. (Or was it Pascale? Or Pasquale?)
  • The Toronto Star column I mentioned last week spotlighted a baby called Dante Matteo this week – which reminded me …
  • This week’s post on Elliot had me thinking of Christopher Meloni, father to Dante Amadeo and Sophia Eva Pietra. I quite like his naming style;
  • Emmy Jo’s article on Naming Ahead of the Curve was quite interesting. The idea of choosing a name like Cynthia or Shirley, Dennis or Raymond might seem unfashionable. But if your goal is to stand out while still using a “normal” name, it’s a great approach;
  • Actress Penelope Ann Miller welcomed Maria Adela, little sister to Eloisa May;
  • Iron Chef Cat Cora and her partner Jennifer welcomed Thatcher Julius, little brother to Zoran and Caje. I must admit, I’m not wild about their first two sons’ names, but I love this one. Julius is a family name on Jennifer’s side. Thatcher is coming up as a Name of the Day on 4/15 in honor of readers Nick and Erin’s son Thacher. And get this – the Cora family is expecting one more baby this summer. Jennifer delivered Thatcher; Cat is also pregnant with a baby boy!
  • Speaking of boys, there was an adorable toddler called Finn at our Easter Egg hunt yesterday. I really think he’s the new Max;
  • Yesterday, I tuned into ABC Family for their showing of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, in an attempt to introduce Alexei to anything other than Thomas the Tank Engine and Pixar’s Cars. It didn’t take. But I was reminded that the little girl in the story is called Jemima.

I wrote a few weeks back that I’m scaling back Name of the Day posts to Monday through Friday. I’ll actually write daily through May 8th. That’s because my first Name of the Day post was on May 5, 2008. (The name was Juniper!) So I’ll have written for more than 365 days straight. Which, I dunno – I’m kind of impressed with myself. 🙂

Anyhow, I’m planning to use the extra time to improve the site. It could use a little oomph!

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  1. JNE, thanks – I think you’re right about Pascal. And Finn as a nickname for Stephen? How clever!

    I appreciate all of the early congratulations. But I don’t think I’d still be doing it without all of your fabulous suggestions.

    Speaking of which, I’ll put Pamela on the calendar as soon as I get to the calendar, Allison! It is a great suggestion. 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE Thatcher!!!!!!!!

    Oh we had already picked a name for both a girl and a boy but do you think that Thatcher could make it?

    Oh Thatcher is PERFECT!

  3. Emmy, just love your naming ahead of the curve post. I’ve been thinking for years how Janet and Nancy, Louis and Kenneth sound fresh again. My pick would be Pamela… hey, there’s a NOTD I’d like to see!

  4. Congratulations on 365 straight (a little early) – that’s seriously impressive!

    I believe high school was a Pascal – male. I also knew a Pascale (female – French by birth) in college. Not a favorite name of mine, but a fun Easter one. Prefer your Peter NOTD, personally.

    Know a Finn – he turns 3 this month. His name is actually a nn for Stephen (he’s a Stephen Somthing-or-other III)… I especially like that it’s a cool nn that is not Steve or Stevie and also identifies him individually from his pop – Steve. I think’ it’s a pretty cool name, actually.

    Thatcher is an alright name – I kind of like those types of “olde tyme” profession names. Thanks for the post Verity!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Wow, even I don’t think I could do 365 days in a row! (I skip days now & then).

    Thatcher does nothing for me but remind me of Margaret. Blah. But Julius, oh *Swoon* I adore Julius!
    I completely agree on the “Finn is the new Max” think, but I still prefer Max to Finn, myself. Max is sweet, Finn’s a part of a fish (at least, that’s where my head goes first).
    Jemima’s still a love & still on my lists. Goes on & off the wildcard list. Jemima Frances Ruby/Jeminma Lucy Jane. Still waffling.
    Christopher Meloni’s kids do indeed have fantabulous names, but I still won’t watch tv to see their dad. I’m so not a tv person.
    I liked the Easter list at Nameberry quite a bit, but absolutely loved Emmy Jo’s “Naming Ahead of the Curve” list a lot more. And Ethelbert Miller? WOW! his folks sure gave him a standout of a name, huh? I can hope Bert works for him!

    Congrats to Penelope Ann Miller, she has beautifully named children!

    Awesome summary this week, Verity, thanks!

  6. Wow! 365 days straight is impressive. Congratulations on being almost there.

    I’m loving Thatcher Julius. And Christopher Meloni’s kids’ names are lovely — I knew there were more reasons to like Detective Stabler. 🙂