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  1. I sort of like Mosley!
    Does anyone remember the TeenNick show
    from a few years back, “Ned’s Declassified… ”
    One of the main characters, one of Ned’s 2 best buddies,
    a girl, her last name was Mosley and everyone called her Moze.
    I think that would be a cool nickname: Moze Manning!

  2. Naming your sons John and Paul is one thing, but a sibling for Cambria named Coheed (even if it in the middle) would be taking music fandom a bit too far. When the band breaks up, it’ll sound instantly dated.

  3. Rhyly on a girl, blaaah! That’s my name and my spelling hehe!

    Sage is also one of my favourite boy names at the moment, but I think it’s acceptable as a unisex name.

      1. You’re right – Peyton Manning is the new dad to Marshall & Mosley – corrected above. Brother Eli (yup, born Elisha) is also a new dad, to daughter Ava Frances.

  4. Libertad! That’s lovely.

    Unfortunatly when I saw Cambria Rogue, my first thought was the Khmer Rouge.

  5. Rhyly Sage and even more so, Gambit Coheed: #5 and #7 of the “list of seven mistakes” seem apt here.

  6. Beaudy as a given name? That surprised me! My maiden name is almost the same — just add an ‘r’ after the ‘d’. I wonder where the parents of Beaudy Ryan in Idaho came up with their son’s first name.

  7. I have to admit I love the unexpected, bold choices I’m finding lately. Some I have found a Navy (girl), a Snow (boy), Greyley (girl), Madwick (boy) and twin boys named Creed & Laud. Even if they are not my style, I appreciate that its not another Aidan, Caden, or Brayden. 🙂

    I love Cambria Rogue, can’t say as much for Rhyley Sage. The spelling is unusual, but its lackluster compared to big sister’s name.

    I’m putting together a book of all the creative, bold choices that I have found over the years. I don’t know if I’ll do anything with it, but at least I’ll have a baby name book when its time for me to name my first, which hopefully will be arriving early next year. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    Have a good week!

    1. Today’s paper included the birth announcements for Juniper Avaline and Luella Violet Irene, both which made me swoon… And for the second time in a month an Erwin. Is this just a local upswing or is there a celebrity/pop culture Erwin I’m unfamiliar with?

      1. I love Juniper and Luella. Big time swoon.

        Erwin? Maybe its a fluke – both honoring a grandfather or something. If there is a mainstream Erwin, I’m in the dark too.

  8. Mosley? I am laughing my ass off at that one. Marshall isn’t *that* bad, but Mosley is the worst. Blechh.

    No comment on the rest. Nothing that jumps out on me, anyway. Mosley. Oy vey. Poor girl.

  9. I like Larsa. Is it the feminine of Lars?

    Beaudy and Rodie, however…. yeesh. Is Beaudy a respelling of beauty or Bodhi? I’m not sure just by looking at it (I did think beauty first, though).

    Really like Waylon Albert. Amaya Josephine gets extra credit for the middle, but does anyone else hear “am I a Josephine” when they say it?

    Marshall Williams is great, but the girl twin got short-changed – Mosley Thompson? I find it far more masculine than feminine but I don’t even like it for a boy, anyway. I get that the names are almost certainly family names, but I still can’t find any love for Mosley.

    Lazaro is awesome!

    As much as Rhyly does not excite me at all, I have to admit, it’s preferable to Gambit.