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I can understand the stories connecting Twilight and baby names, even if they’re tremendously flawed. Ditto all that kredit given to the Kardashians for the rise of Mason.

However, my head might explode if I read another lame attempt to connect Jersey Shore and baby names. Jersey and Florence might both be getting more attention as potential names – Jersey has been popping up on message boards for the last few years, and Florence is one of many antiques parents are cautiously considering. Call me when Snooki cracks the US Top 1000 and I’ll entertain the theory.

Ahem. Elsewhere online:

Let’s wrap up with my take on two dilemmas: first, Dorcas wondered if she can still use an old family name if her (possible future) sister-in-law has the same name?

My two cents: if the name is common, then use it. They’re all used to being one of several Elizabeths. It gets touchier the less ordinary the appellation. If I met a family with three Zenobias, I would assume they were all named after one another. Then again, that can make for a happy coincidence – my husband shares his name with my grandfather, making it an easy choice for our son’s middle.

Second, the Name Lady answers another question about name thievery between siblings. I find it interesting that we name fans tend to be more generous – or at least more realistic – about these things. Probably because we all know that everyone is already using Chloe and that’s why we’re going with Kerensa or Maud anyhow.

That’s all for this week. As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!

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  1. So, “16 & Pregnant” first aired in ’09, right? And Bentley had already entered the top 1,000 and started rising — still, I wonder how much of its popularity since ’09 has been due to parents first hearing it on that show, speaking of perhaps-misguided notions about pop culture naming. It’s no surprise to see this one on a predictions list, in any case. A solid choice for that!

    Thanks so much for the mention, again. Ditto SkyeRhyley on wanting an App Mtn predictions post!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention; maybe the post for boys names will be less subtle! 😉

    A name I was particularly taken with for a boy got used by some cousins with the same surname. I was kind of pleased to be able to take it off the list and shorten it. It was a popular name, so hardly surprising that someone else thought of it.

      1. Oh that’s lovely – I’m so pleased. Nice to have a name that has travelled from under the earth to the stars in the sky!

  3. I’ll add one comment on using one name several times within a family: it really matters whether or not they’ll have the same last name. Anne Smith and Anne Jones in the same family isn’t as problematic as having 2 Anne Smiths. My BIL and his first cousin are both Chris Jones*, born within a few months of each other, and it’s just downright confusing.
    (*Not really Jones, but you get the point.)

    1. Yes! My less-favorite grandma and I had the same first and last name, which I didn’t appreciate. That said, it is very true about the Elizabeths. One of my sister in laws has it for a first and one for a middle.

  4. Ooo I got a mention! So pleased, thank you 🙂
    And yes they’re definitely completely biased opinions but I tried to include a bit of all kinds of names in my predictions. I’m generally not too name snobby, but I am vocal about what I like/dislike. I’d love to see an AppMnt prediction too, the year is almost over.

    Jersey might actually crack the top1000 soon enough, it would be a nice match with big sister/brother Journey haha.

    I’m thinking Adele will be the name of the year, seems to be the most wise choice considering the impact of the singer this year.

  5. I saw a lot of nominations for Pippa on the Name Wizard blog. My suggestion? Siri. We use that name almost more than anyone’s in this house! When you ask her what her name means, she says “I don’t know if I can explain it in your language.” Love it!

  6. Jersey? Oh, I *might* be able to get behind this if you’re from Jersey… as in Jersey and Guernsey…. I think of sweaty sport jerseys and jersey cows….

    Phineas is one I like…. why is that spelling confusing? Just curious….

    Wow – Antigone – that’s too tragic for my tastes (also reminds me of my frosh English requirement – blerg). Plus, I can just picture “Ann-tee-gone? That’s a weird name.” But the nns are pretty awesome.

    1. There was a mom who was big on the Yahoo! name boards years ago who claimed to have a daughter called Jerzee. I never could quite believe it …

      I think Phineas throws me because Julia Roberts named her son Phinnaeus. And I first encountered him as Phinehas, in the Old Testament. And all those boys called Finn … I triple-check every time I write it.

      You’re right about ann-tee-gone … the only thing worse would be hearing “did your parents make it up?” 🙂