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  1. After learning about the meaning behind this name- Java is an island in Indonesia, where Yessica was born, and Kumala was her maiden name- I like it a lot! 🙂

  2. I thought coffe and programming first too! then ooh, yeah, place name! It’s not my cup of tuna but hey, if I can consider one that’s a drink , a magaxine and outr spacey, why not Java for them?

    I’d guess girl for Java Kumala myself (why am I suddenly thinking Humma Kavula in my head?) Now I’m waiting for someone to grab Humma Kavula and run with it, Douglas Adams’ dreams might come true! Anyway, the double -a endings scream grly to me so, *shrug* it could have been a whole lot worse, It’s hard to misspell Java! (and maybe the kid will be hyper?) 😀

  3. Java sounds like a boy’s name to me. Ah, well. They can’t all be winners. Yessica is off-sounding, too, IMO. Congrats to the couple, in any case!

  4. I think coffee too, but you know, it’s not such a bad association anyway… I’m not generally into place names, but it at least has some link to the family, rather than a random place. I don’t love it, but as starbabies go, it’s not that far out there really.