Funnyman Will Ferrell and wife Viveca have welcomed baby boy #3 – and his name doesn’t begin with M! Celebrity Baby Blog is reporting the birth of Axel, a little brother for Magnus and Mattias.

I’ve heard Axel gaining in use amongst the fashionable in recent years. (He charted at #272 in the US last year and ranks #15 in Sweden.) The popularity of Alexander has certainly given him a boost. Plus Axel is far more wearable than Absalom, the Biblical original.

Like Magnus and Mattias, he’s a nice choice – Scandinavian, but perfectly wearable in Hollywood. Or Des Moines or Duluth or Albuquerque …

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  1. My best friend has a little Axel 🙂 I love it! If she hadn’t used it, I probably would have!

  2. My neighbor’s have a son named Aksel, sister to Willa, so that’s my first association. While he’s the only one I know IRL, I have seen several local baby announcements with Axel as a middle name, so I think it’s about to become more popular.

    For the most part, I like the Ferrell’s name choices, kind of out there in America, but very common in Sweden. However, I don’t like the double “-el” in Axel Ferrell, too repetitive.

  3. Well named babies! Oh, so exciting! I love Mattias (but I would spell it Matthias) and I like Magnus and Axel. I adore seeing all of them, though, so it’s a moot point.

  4. Axel ONLY makes me think of Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop (and its sequels). Perhaps this baby’s name is Will’s homage to a classic Hollywood comedy. I just can’t imagine saddling a kid with “Axel” for its entire life.

        1. Axl Rose? I really should, I guess. There’s Eddie Murphy’s character in Beverly Hills Cop and the character from Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.

          But mostly, I’m thinking of Axel Paulsen, the figure skater who created the axel jump … blame it on the Winter Olympics hype!

  5. I actually like it. Axel made a long list early on for us. Even with the ‘e’ spelling, it was a little too GnR for us, but with a link to Sweden, the Ferrells’ choice evokes that association in my mind a whole lot less. While Axel might be the odd one out in terms of first letter, with the hyper-masculine sound of Magnus and Axel, Mattias sticks out to me as a little bit on the softer side.