Most of us have someone in our lives, someone we love and would love to honor with our naming choices for our children.

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  1. Oh, this is a useful post. One of my grandfathers has a nice, easy name (Charles), but the other was Purvis, and we’re just lost with it. Any suggestions there? His middle name is Forsyth, which is a family name, but we can’t think of anything to change it to.

  2. Gerrit, ok. I like this thinking, and I appreciate the thought, though I’m not wild about the name. I don’t know how the family and close friends would feel about altering dear Roger’s name, but I’m not naming my son Roger, that’s for sure. Even as a middle makes me slightly queasy. I have thought about Oscar, which by some accounts means “God’s Spear” (and by others is the affable “dear lover”). I have also thought about Raphael, as an alternate “R” name with the appropriate meaning, “God heals.” What do you think?

  3. Oooh … Roger is a toughie! The only thing that comes to mind is Gerrit. Roger means “famous spear” and Gerrit translates to “strength of the spear.” They share the “ger” bit, but might not be similar enough to satisfy Grandpa R.

    Of course, Garrett would be the more conventional English version of the name, and not a bad choice. (Though, at #162 in 2007, a fairly popular one.) So if your family will take a liberal view of the “named in honor of” concept, Garrett works!