Name of the Day: September

The lazy, hazy days of summer are just ahead, but if you’re expecting a daughter this Fall, here’s an intriguing one to consider.

Thanks to Sarah for suggesting September as Name of the Day.

September isn’t exactly a popular choice. A handful of Septembers appear in US Census records. At least in the nineteenth century, they’re more likely to be male, including a fellow saddled with the moniker September Augustus. But the name has never charted in the US Top 1000 for either gender.

And yet it isn’t outrageous to imagine that a pair of parents might land on September, especially for a daughter. Consider these choices from the 2008 US top 1000:

  • Autumn (#89)
  • Summer (#171)
  • April (#333)
  • June (#963)

There’s also the gently antique May, the spirited January and starbaby Winter – all unranked, but with their own claims to fashion. August skews masculine, as might March. Even July could catch on, though she’d probably be mistaken for Julie. Tuesday and Sunday have also enjoyed some use.

That still leaves a few seasons and months – as well as days of the week – in limbo. An Italian court ruled that a couple couldn’t name their son Friday. No such oversight exists in the US, though. With parents consulting the atlas and the phone book for inspiration, why not their calendars, too?

Even though September is the ninth month, it comes from the Latin word for seven – septem. And in fact, September was the seventh month back in days BC.

In more recent history, we link both good and bad events to the month. Nazi Germany invaded Poland in the September Campaign of 1939. But September also signals new beginnings, with the start of the school year, as well as the Fall – a favorite time of year for many. Woody Allen made a movie called September back in 1987; countless song lyrics have mentioned the month.

Of course, if your daughter arrives during September, you might also consider the gemstone – Sapphire. The flowers – Asters and Morning Glorys – are a bit tougher to wear, though there’s always Gloria.

If you should use September, the nickname Temmy might make the moniker just a bit more wearable for a small child. And you might stretch further and come up with Embry or Ember as a short form, too.

And should you go past your due date, October is an equally intriguing pick.

On balance, while many people dislike word names, they do have an advantage. September is likely to be the only one in her class – possibly the only one she ever meets – and yet no one will ever struggle to spell her name.

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I have to say.. My hubby brought up September as kind of a sarcastic remark to all the other month/season names and the more he thought about it the more he loved it. That was about 5 or 6 years ago, and it’s finally starting to grow on me too! Although I’m not a fan of the nick name Ember, I was leaning more towards Emme. I need to find something that would be easy to pronounce in Spanish as her grandparents and great grandmothers don’t speak English!!

If this baby is a girl, her middle name will be September. Her first name will be my Grandmother’s name who was born in September and my husband and I were married in September. I LOVE it!

My name is September. A 30 something mommy of 2girls and certified name nerd. Growing up I got 2 reactions. Love it or your parents MUST be hippies!
I’ve appreciated the unusualness of the name but LOATHED being called Summer by mistake!!

Actually, I love September. It’s a guilty pleasure of sorts, because it’s not the kind of name I’m ordinarily drawn to. It’s familiar and has the appeal of a unisex name without feeling unisex. Plus, it’s obviously distinctive as well!

I have a soft spot for July, October and December too, as far as “different” month names go. But September is by far my favorite. While it’s not a practical first name choice for me, I think it could have fabulous middle name potential. It’s one I’m keeping in the back of my mind, for sure 🙂

Sarah, I’m SO excited for you! And little September. Or not. 🙂

I’m not sure how long your surname is, but I kind of love September Elise or September Giselle – something decidedly girly to balance out the crunch of September.

September might not be the most practical name for a person, but it’s a very lovely word none the less, as are many of the months. There’s something about those latter months August through December that seems so romantic and lyrical. They have an uncommon rhythm with their second syllable emphasis.

I ADORE this name! It just make me say WOW! Not giving any thing away but this just might be a winner (7days now!)

But people don’t like her? I guess she does fall into a ‘made-up’ catergory but I thought I had every issue solved!
Unique – Tick!
Easy to spell and pronounce – Tick!
Unpopular – Tick!
Pretty – Tick!
Not overly stupidly girly – Tick!

Mmm, I can appreciate this name, but I wouldn’t use it. The “Septe-” beginning makes me think of septicaemia. And September would be a rather unfortunate appellation to have if you suffer from hayfever!
I’m not the biggest fan of month names (apart from May, which is lovely). However, I quite like the idea of using the namesake/number of the month to commemorate your child’s DOB. I think July was named after Julius Caesar, so you could use Julius/Julia for a July baby. Same with June, August, October – you could go Juno/Junia, Augustus/Augusta, Octavia/n, respectively. That would be cool.
But yeah, little bit lukewarm on September. But if you love it, go for it, it would be good to meet a little September 🙂

I like that September is different from all the other months names. When I first heard it I was a bit unsure but now it sounds more of a name to me than a month. The difficulty would be middle names. Its such a strong and beautiful name what to you team with it? Great suggestion!

re: middle names…
Maybe something short and sweet?

September Rose

September Bryn

September True

September Bree

September Faye

Something like that.

I am due in September (the 5th), but I don’t think I’ll name the baby September. I am having a girl, and while I like the idea of the diminutive Ember, I know everyone would probably hear it as Amber. Plus my husband is just too traditional to consider the name – nicknames or no.
I do kind of like it, though. Maybe I’ll use it for a character in a play one day.

And oh gosh, if I get to the point where using October is an option, someone call the doctor because that means I’ve gone FAR too long without being induced!

September is one of my favorite months! But I would never use it as a name. I guess the month and day names are just not my style. I knew an April and she said she was always asked, “Were you born in April?” She wasn’t and the question was really annoying to her. I would think the question would probably still be annoying even if she was!

September just doesn’t strike me as a first name in any way. Along with October, November, and December, I just can’t imagine it. I like Summer very much, Autumn is lovely, and a few of the months aren’t bad as names, but they’re not for me.

While I love both August & May, and have a more than passing crush on Wednesday, September is not for me. Both the season and the cheesy “Ember” ruin it for me. Ember feels like a Gothchick version of Amber (which I *do* like) and September kills me both for allergies and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which bothers me every Autumn/Winter. Even Summer, my favorite season, is not likely to end up on my name lists. It was too Hippy for Mama, it’s much too Hippy for me. 🙂

I would rather run into a September than yet another Winter, though. Goodness how I hate that season. September at least feels hefty enough to be a name for a Human. And you’re right, it’ll be fairly easy to spell for everyone she ever meets. So while September is an awful choice for me, She might be perfect for someone else!