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  1. my Dad is Fintan and celebrating his 63rd birthday today, I his Daughter was just doing a lil research on his name to give to him and came across this lovely story that i will share with him, he was born in newfoundland, canada and is fair skinned and somewhat a bully at times, my parents also named their 1st son , my brother, fintan as well although he goes by a nickname manny instead, i just find it a very unique name and admire it 🙂

  2. My 80-year-old grandfather is named Finley and his twin brother is Fintan. We are continually amazed in our family that these Fin names are so popular lately, especially Finley and especially for girls because until about four years ago I had never even heard of another Finley beside my Grandad and my Dad. My Dad has always disliked the name so much that he goes by his middle name. Now we tease him that he’s trendy.

  3. I loved reading today’s post — Fintan has such a fantastic history — but the name’s not for me. I find that with the increasingly popular “Fin” names that I like the idea of them, but am not too fond of their sound in actuality. (Sorry, I know that’s complicated.)

    On a complete different [off] topic, I’d like to submit Carol for a boy’s NotD post. Where the Wild Things Are featured a male Carol and I thought it would be interesting to go into the name’s history.

  4. Thank you for covering Fintan. He’s a cousin of mine and I’ve always liked the name. Even in Ireland, it’s a well known name but you definitely don’t meet a lot of Fintans. In fact, I might only know the one!

  5. Could that be where Fenton Hardy (the Hardy boys’ fathe) got his name? I’ve always wondered about him.

    No Fintan is not for me. I’m too traditional with the boy names. I get a little kooky with girl names, though.

  6. Very, very nice, as is Finbar, although Fintan is craptastic with our surname.

    The Manx Finlo it is.