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Alexis writes:

Help! Our third child and second daughter will be here in August, and we cannot agree on a name.

We have two children: Cooper Joseph and Chloe Marie.

When we named Chloe, I really didn’t want another C name.

My family is wonderful, but we all have A names, because my parents just happened to both have A names, and I didn’t feel like I wanted to do anything like that with my own family. But we just loved the name best of all and it fit everything to do with her birth.

Cooper was almost Dylan, and if this baby was a boy, I really liked the sound of Deacon. But there aren’t any D names we really like for a girl. My husband has suggested Daisy, but I think it’s a little too cute. I do like Eloise, but my husband isn’t sure.

I have an A name and my husband is Bryce, so the C names, and then D, E, etc. do sort of make sense. Plus, our last name starts with Z. (It’s German and rhymes with Timmerman.)

We hope to have another baby after this one, so it feels kind of urgent to decide if we’re going to use C names or not.

Please read on for my response and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Abby replies:

Congratulations on your third!

This is a familiar challenge, isn’t it?

I think the answer is very clear in this case: no. Nope, nah, don’t-give-it-another-thought.

Here’s why:

  • There’s no Chloe name equivalent this time around. You’re not saying, “We love the name Cordelia or Constance, but can we use it?” Instead, you’re saying that you don’t love any name and feel a little hemmed in by this question.
  • You can imagine having more children. If you were certain that this baby completed your family, maybe another C name would feel right. But there’s no C name you love for baby three … so if you settle now, the situation could be even more challenging for future children.

That said, if a C name – or D or E name – rises to the top, then great! (In fact, I’ll suggest some.)

So we’re working with girl names like Chloe, Daisy, and Eloise.

They’re current favorites with history. But they’re complete names, too. It’s important to stay on the more substantial/not too cute side of the line.



The first – and really only – C name that feels like a fit. It has a distinct starting sound and ending sound, too, and while it’s still a C name, I don’t have any trouble saying Cooper, Chloe, and Cora.


Whether you’re religious or not, Eden suggests the ancient garden. But the name feels fresh and modern, too. It’s a tailored possibility that sounds like an obvious sister name for Chloe and Cooper.


This name is a crowd-pleaser. Almost everybody likes Georgia, even if it’s not quite for them. I think it works well with your kids’ names, while striking out in a slightly different direction, too.


Eloise makes me think of Elaine, but Lainey feels like the 2023 update. Laine-called-Lainey is another option.


Chloe and Lyla share an L sound, but it’s a very subtle link. Lyla is the most popular spelling of this name at the moment, though Lila and Lilah also rank.


Another Greek name, Phoebe sounds like it could appeal if you also love Chloe.


Strictly speaking, Sadie is short for Sarah. But that is fairly obscure knowledge these days. Instead, Sadie is an independent name with plenty of spirit.


Top Ten powerhouse Sophia is an elegant choice. Drop a syllable, and Sophie feels far more approachable – even though it’s really just the French equivalent of the name. Sophie is also slightly less expected. (For something that turns the dial even farther towards unusual, there’s Sylvie, again a French name, this time the equivalent for Sylvia.)

Overall, I’m most drawn to Eden and Sophie. They’re names that balance traditional roots with a modern sensibility – just like your older kids’ names. And I especially like Sophie with your rhymes-with-Timmerman last name.

But I feel like we could really use some reader help here, so let’s open it up: what would you name a sister for Cooper and Chloe?

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  1. It sounds like you didn’t love being an all-A-named family, and the ABC pattern seems like the same feeling, so I’d suggest breaking the pattern now.

    Sophie and Lyla/Lila sound great.

    A couple other suggestions…


  2. Cooper, Chloe
    Dylan (future son) or Eden (future daughter

    I really like a D name for this girl — if you find one you like! I happen to love Delia and Dahlia

  3. Two names that I don’t think have been suggested yet are Darcy and Elise. I think either one sounds great in the sibset, and they are similar to Daisy and Eloise.

  4. Rosa, Delia, Lydia, Jenna, Zora, Tula/Tallulah, Lola, Tilda, Kennedy, Odessa, Elena, Nora, Nicola, Thea, Enya, Maya, Lois, Talia, Tessa, Zina, Nova, Katya, Vera, Viveca, Viola, Ireni, Lisi, Maret, Mimi, Naomi, Penny, Polly, Rina, Rhoda, Sibyl, Thora,

  5. Although I love a good naming pattern, I agree with Abby that this is a good opportunity to blaze a new trail. Terrific suggestions – I especially like Sophie!

    Some other possibilities inspired by the names on your “Maybe” list…

    Dylan – It was on your list for your son, but it works beautifully for a girl, as well!

    Names like Daisy:

    Rose “Rosie”

    Names like Eloise:


    And some additional names that might fit your style:


  6. My personal favorites from this blog post are: PHOEBE and GEORGIA, in that order.

    Best of luck! x


  7. What about Zara? Chloe and Zara have a lot of personality. And Zara “Tmmerman” is pretty awesome.

    I do really love Cora. It has Cooper and Chloe’s long O sounds and really sounds great with both the sunset and your last name. A future boy name could be Cormac. I love Cormac. Cooper, Chloe, Cora and Cormac. Or Collin could work too. Or Cole. Goodness C is a great initial!

    I do like Josephine nn Posey for you… It strikes me as the compromise between Daisy and Eloise. Josephine/Posey “Tmmerman”.

    And for one last option, what about Cynthia? I know it feels retro right now, but it is an awesome name. “Moon goddess” … Maybe she’ll be born under a full moon!! While Cynthia has the history of Eloise, Cindy is much more like Daisy.

    Anyways. I agree that if no C names feels right, move on. But also don’t discount C if it feels right.

    Congratulations on your number 3!