Silver Basketball
Silver Basketball by Andersedin via Flickr

The boys’ Quarter Finals were all close, with no one name winning by a landslide.

The girls were a different story. Louisa beat Ophelia handily, 67% to 33%. And Elodie bested Lorelei by a comfortable margin of 20%.

Still, you can’t quite call any of those runaway victories. I have my guesses as to which name will walk away with the trophy on the boys’ side, but the girls’ victor? I haven’t got a clue.

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The enchanting Isla versus the ethereal Elodie

Literary Louisa versus the elegant Adele

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  1. All of my picks are losing, no! I too think that Elodie sounds like Melody with no M; totally nms. And I had to choose Adele over Louisa because I much prefer Eloise or Eloisa. Louisa sounds too much like Lisa, though I don’t dislike it.

  2. I don’t understand. How is Elodie beating Isla? I haven’t heard too many worse names than Elodie.

  3. Not a fan of either Elodie (sounds to me like Melody without the M) or Isla (to get the correct pronunciation you have to think of ‘island’), but Elodie could have the cute nn of Ellie so that’s where my vote went. Adele really doesn’t do much for me either (‘a dell’, like where the farmer was in the nursery song?), while I love Louisa. Hoping she’ll be the grand winner.

  4. I don’t love any of these but I chose Isla and Adele which clarifies to me how much I like two syllable names — both my kids have them. liz

  5. Ahhh Louisa, such a pretty, under-appreciated name! I like all four of these names, but Elodie and Louisa beat Isla and Adele in my books. I’m definitely a fan of three-syllable girls’ names.

  6. Fer feck’s sake. I can’t even vote. I’ve tried a gazillion times but it’s ticking over. Decisions, decisions though. My celebrity trashed (*snickers*) great grandmother’s name or flaky cutester Elodie. If Elodie was not being pronounced the anglo way, I’d vote for it.

    Lousia Vs Adele. Meh. Cover eyes and point.

    Going to take my non-voting butthurt into the corner and sulk.

  7. I’m guessing Louisa will go all the way… But of course by putting it out there, I’ve just doomed myself to being wrong.

    Neither Isla nor Elodie does anything for me… they both feel somewhat incomplete and flighty. Louisa and Adele were a bit harder, as I like them both about the same – neither is a love or anything, but both are solidly beautiful I think.

  8. Elodie beats Isla for me. No celebrity Isla to wreck it. Louisa vs. Adele nearly killed me! I adore both names equally but in the end, Louisa won, I like Lulu better than Della.
    I *really* hope Louisa beats all!