March Madness
March Madness by Sally M via Flickr

Color me surprised! If you’d asked me to predict the final match-up, well, I’d have guessed the opposite.

In last week’s action, Elodie squeaked past Isla, 53% to 47%, or 197 votes to 177.

After trailing for a few days, Louisa beat Adele, 54% to 46%, or 204 votes to 173.

But that’s why we play the game, right?

Please join me now in voting for a champion for this year’s March Madness Girls’ Final.

The polls remain open until Friday, and winners will be announced on Saturday.

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  1. Sylvie, Joy said that Elodie LOOKS made up. It is a challenge of unusual names – even if it the name has centuries of history of use, parents have to be prepared for the possibility that someone else will say “What a great name! How did you think of it?” I’ve heard parents avoid names for that reason. Of course, Elodie isn’t likely to be unknown much longer – this post remains one of the all-time favorites here, which is how it made it into the poll in the first place!

  2. Elodie is NOT a made up name people. It is a very very old name of a Saint. Please get your facts straight.

  3. I love Louisa! It is my #2 choice for a someday daughter. It is not overused, but still is familiar and classic. I don’t use a WEEZ prononunciation, just WEESE. It reminds me of the daughter in The Sound of Music, as well as Louisa May Alcott. For me, it would honor an Aunt Louise who didn’t have any daughters and will not have a daughter-in-law.

    Elodie looks made up…Melodie without the M. I’d go for Melody or Eleanor instead.

  4. So, so, so odd! Louisa and Elodie have been my most recent front-runners for hypothetical daughters! I would love to have twins with those names. Although seeing them on here makes me wonder if they’re about to become extremely hipster fashionable, which is precisely what I worried about 😐

  5. I am not a fan of either name. Elodie sounds like Melody which I don’t love and Louisa reminds me of sausage.