Grass Valley High 1918
Grass Valley High 1918; image by Rick C via Flickr

Color me astonished!  Genevieve took out Adelaide in the semi-finals.  I’d been imagining Adelaide and Arthur the big winners for this year’s tourney, but on the girls’ side, that’s not to be.

It was less of a surprise to see Eliza take down Annika.  While Annika has her fans, Eliza is tough to beat – as evergreen as Elizabeth, but a smidge sassier.

Now the final match is Genevieve versus Eliza – both terribly stylish favorites, completely current crowd-pleasers.  Since my lovely Boheme was knocked out in the first round, I’d be happy to see either take the prize.

Enough rambling – please vote!

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  1. I’m not surprised that Genevieve surpassed Adelaide. Genevieve is pretty and French. Adelaide is fusty and musty.

  2. Oh no! I am just about to register a baby girl and having seen Genevieve, am having a wobble.

  3. This is easy – I’m not a fan of Eliza at all. Something about the sound is all wrong for me. Maybe it’s that Z or the schwa sound at the end. I hope Genevieve takes it!

  4. Quite sad to see that lovely Adelaide didn’t make it into the finals, so it’s Genevieve all the way for me. Eliza always make me think of Liza Minneli, which is not a good thing in my book.

  5. I think it should be notated that I just voted and the results are 50/50! Each name has 17 votes (at this particular moment, at least)! I like Genevieve because it has a ton of nick naming options, but Eliza has such a fun yet elegant sound. Eliza got my vote!

  6. That was the only poll I really had trouble voting on – they are both lovely names in their own ways, and very different in style.

  7. I can’t stand Genevieve, ever since I met a French girl who pronounced it jean-vee-Ev. It just screwed up my idea of this name.
    I love Eliza!