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There’s been controversy. There’s been heartache. I’m not sure if we’ve had a Cinderella story. But it has been great fun to watch the names advance.

In last week’s action, Nathaniel beat Tobias, 54% to 46%, or 198 votes to 170.

Finn was the clear winner over Cian, 70% to 30%, or 257 votes to 108.

We’re down to the final round, but unlike your typical basketball match-up, there are three contenders for the title: the Colonial Nathaniel, the sharp Archer, the friendly Finn. Please see the controversy link above if you’re wondering why Nathaniel is making a re-appearance!

Voting stays open until next Friday, and the winners will be announced a week from today.

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What do you think?


  1. Nathaniel and Louisa.

    Archer has been used by a few celebrities and it’s just so modern and now, like Finn. No amazing history. No thanks.

  2. Tough choice b/w Nathaniel and Archer for me. In the end, it came down to nns. I dislike Archie. Nathaniel = Nate, Than (I knew one in college), Niel – all good choices.

  3. Really dislike Nathaniel, I don’t even really know why, it just annoys me. I don’t like Finn, but would prefer that over Nathaniel. I love Archer.

  4. Glad to see Nathaniel back in the game! I’m cheering him on of course. No Nathaniel among our 12 traditionally named young grandsons ( 9 years – 11 months old) but the name would fit in just fine.

    As for the other two contestants, Finn is makes me think of fish and Archer, of one who shoots a bow. I have no strong objections to either name, but find them too trendy — names primarily of ‘now’ that may sound dated later on.

  5. This was easy for me too since I don’t usually like occupational names (Archer) and Finn is too pop-culture, so traditional Nathaniel it is! Incidentally, I prefer the name spelt Nathanael.

  6. Nathaniel by a mile. Finn is cute but terribly trendy, and Archer is far too noun-y for my taste. Nathaniel is popular, true, but of the three it feels the most substantial, and Nate works well as a nickname at any age.

  7. It was easy for me. “Which one of these wouldn’t I mind hearing more”? I thought. Archer was the clear winner for me.

    So tired of Finn, and Nathaniel’s nice but I already know a dozen or so. Archer’s refreshing! 😀