Monday, July 12 kicks off Lurker Week – five days of posts featuring names suggested by brand new voices. (Not that I don’t think each and everyone of you is fabulous, and I love getting lists from long-time readers. But, hey, I know how hard it is to work up the courage to comment on a blog.)

As it happens, there were more than five comments on that post. (So, not that much courage, maybe. Just a nudge.) There will be names suggested by de-lurked readers right into August. I might just make this an annual event, kind of like Shark Week. Except, you know, no sharks.

I also wanted to take one little minute to thank everyone who has suggested a name, now or ever! It’s incredibly fun to write these posts, but only because you continue to come up with such interesting choices.

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  1. hi! De-lurking to suggest two family names — Dolores and Eleanor.

    Somewhere between the two of them is a baby name that will honor both grandmothers, but I’m still trying to find it. I’d love to read up on the history and nickname potential for both!

    Thanks, I love this blog!

  2. I’m a brand new lurker and my fiance and I are kind of intrigued by sciencey names like Edison, Tesla, Newton, and Bell; as well as really quaint old names like Briony, Averil, Evelyn, and Hazel.

    1. I knew a very handsome Jamaican guy called Newton – he’ll be featured on October 15. And Evelyn will be October 18.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Hi! I am a longtime lurker and I absolutely love your site. It is a daily go-to for a name-nerd like me. 🙂

    I am married to a man of Japanese heritage and I would love to learn more about names that overlap between English and Japanese, beyond the beautiful names of Naomi and Hana. What about Erika? Would that work?

    Also, do you have a list of Jazz-related names? My husband is a huge jazz music aficionado and he would love to use a Jazz name like – Ellington, Tatum, Coleman, or Miles. Any other ideas?

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. I am glad you did an entry on Coriander. That is a major guilty pleasure name for me! 😉

    1. Gatoamiga, have you considered Chet, as in Baker? His given name was Chesney, which is more country than jazzy these days, but Chet is cool.

      And check out the lists at Nameberry:

      Erika might work, but I wonder how she’d be pronounced in Japan – or rather, I wonder if you’d be pleased with the sound. Let me see if I can find anything in the way of lists …

      And thank you so much for reading!