We’re a bit late in reporting the good news, but congratulations go out to Baby Name Legends Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz on the launch of their long-awaited website, Nameberry.

The message boards aren’t hopping just yet, but it’s great to have their material available in a searchable format online.

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  1. I like Abigail a lot. It’s been a favorite since I was a little girl (I believe I had numerous dolls who went by this name). If it hadn’t become so popular, it would be near the top of my list.

    I’d figured out Verity was just a screen name — you’d hinted in that direction before, and Amy Verity sounds silly, so I knew that couldn’t be your full name. Going from Amy to Abby makes perfect sense to me; while they’re linguistically similar, they’re miles apart stylistically, and choosing a similar-sounding name feels like less of a rejection of the appellation your parents chose for you.

    Anyway, there’s my analysis, and I’d fully support the idea of making Abigail a NotD!

  2. I’ve been outed! 🙂

    In real life, I’m Amy Abigail – A. Abigail – Abby. Abigail is the middle name I chose. It probably seems bizarre to go from Amy to Abby, but while the first feels completely wrong, the second feels like the right name for me.

    Verity is a cherished screen name – but that’s all.

  3. Thanks for the website recommendation. I’ve been browsing around on it for the last half hour — it’s really interesting.

    By the way, who’s Abby? 🙂

  4. Hey Abby — Thanks for the mention and congratulations on your new daughter! I love all her names…..

  5. Funny, I found them yesterday, looking up Josephine & potential siblings. I signed up for an account there, have a tiny list of favorites and have posted twice on the up * coming boards! I’ve been bored the last couple of days, can you tell? 😉