1. Catherine says

    I named one of my WoW characters Elettra 🙂 She’s a shaman who shoots lightning bolts so I was riffing on the electric theme 🙂

  2. Rustystubbs says

    This is Julie posting under my Twitter name, because I can’t post without logging in….

    Isabella Rossellini’s daughter is the only Elettra I’ve ever heard of and it feels a like a “one-person only” name. I’d probably feel differently if I had Italian heritage, but it feels a bit like naming a child Solange; it’s a perfectly legitimate name, but for most Americans (who have ever heard of the name) there is only one. There is also the issue that I have repeatedly misspelled it Elletra.

    Electra is too theatrical for a real-life person and would be better suited for a character.

  3. Bek says

    I agree with most everyone else – Elettra seems so awkward. I keep wanting to say Electra and that just makes me cringe a bit.

    • appellationmountain says

      Lettie is sweet! I hadn’t thought about Carmen Electra, but of course – that’s an inevitable reference.

  4. trks6273 says

    I think Elettra is romantic and I love it’s nicknames (lettie especially), but it seems like an unhappy name.

  5. Eva says

    I love Electra – even though I would never use it. Elettra, on the other hand, feels awkward to say. It doesn’t roll off the tongue like most lovely Italian names do.

  6. pdxlibrarian says

    Sadly, Electra makes me think of Carmen Electra. Elettra seems awkward to me somehow. I keep hearing “he let her, huh?” and the word “letter.” Eletta on the other hand is actually pretty cute. I can really imagine it on a sweet baby girl.

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