Baby Name of the Day: Brooklyn


Two and a half million people call Brooklyn home, and in 2011, more than 7,000 baby girls were given the name.  I’m guessing that none of those 7,000 girls reside in New York – or at least not in Flatbush. The Hated Names series continues with a very popular place name.  Our Baby Name of […]


Announcing Hated Names Week

Every year I take one week to choose all of the names, typically without input from anyone. This year, I had a slightly different idea.  I’ve really enjoyed writing about Cohen and Madison and Apple.  I typically discover there’s much to love aboutanyname, even one  that provokes strong feelings in others.  And so I’ve decided […]


Starbaby News: Welcome Harper Seven Beckham


After speculation that they’d name their darling daughter Atlanta or Justice or Gucci or something startlingly unusual, the Beckhams, those ever-so daring baby namers, have dubbed their daughter Harper Seven. Harper wouldn’t be surprising most places in the US. Amongst the glamorous, she’s as average as Emily. Dave Grohl, Lisa Marie Presley, Neil Patrick Harris, […]