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  1. Julius goes to daycare with a Lorelei Catherine (nicknamed Lulu), who was born in 2010.

    And on the topic of Addie names, the lovely Adelaide gained 134 spots. Not sure if I’m excited or disappointed. Probably excited, as it’s nice too see more people discovering beautiful old-fashioned names. But now all of us name enthusiasts will have to find some more as-yet-undiscovered gems to love. Beulah, anyone?

  2. Not to stir any controversy because she seems to inspire a lot of it, but you were totally right Abby in calling out Lorelei as a hot name to watch. She jumped 66 spots to land at #531 this year! Lorelei has climbed 431 spots since her Top 1000 debut only 6 years ago; certainly not as fast as Ava, but still kinda wowza 🙂

    I also agree with Stephanie that Farrah’s rise has more to do with Teen Mom than Ms. Fawcett.

    The trending of Biblical names is interesting. Sarah and Rachel fall while Leah rises and Hannah drops only one spot; I am glad to see Hannah staying out of the Top 20. Prediction: Rachel will be out of the Top 100 next year. Thank goodness because then she can go back on the list 🙂