Sunday Summary: 5.15.22Life sometimes crawls.

And sometimes it goes by with a rush and a whoosh.

Parenting is often both at once.

Pregnancy, too!

I’ll never forget my 38-week check-up with my first child. The doctor’s last words before he left the room?

“Nothing’s happen just yet, but at this stage of your pregnancy, that doesn’t mean much. You could have the baby in your arms by this time tomorrow.”

The door closed, and then I dissolved into absolute panic. I’d been pregnant forever, and yet it was SO soon.

I think choosing names feels like this sometimes.

We have plenty of time to figure it out, and then we’re packing our hospital bag and realizing the question is not. quite. settled.

That’s okay!

If you haven’t had this conversation, set aside some time and work through the questions now. Even if you’re down to two final names, it’s the kind of talk that can make one name seem like the clear favorite. Or maybe you’ll realize that none of your finalists are clicking, because you really need to consider some fresh possibilities.

It’s quick and it’s slow, all at once. But even if you already have your baby in your arms, there’s always a little bit of time to pause and think over your best options.


TikTok explains the evolution of Peggy from Margaret and more. Also, how we got the word “nickname” in the first place.

Also on TikTok: claims about kids named Oranjello and the like are circulating on this new-ish platform. While there are some crazy, outlandish, wait-WHAT names out there, it’s important to repeat that urban legend names are often deeply rooted in discrimination. This 2018 interview with Cleveland Kent Evans on the Baby Names Podcast is worth revisiting. And, of course, these stories predate TikTok – and all social media, actually.

Nancy has the results of the Pop Culture Baby Names Game. Lilibet is the big winner, with other fascinating rises + debuts, too. Like Ice – whoa!

Swistle makes a good point about nicknames here. As parents, we often think we don’t want nicknames … but then they emerge naturally over time, and we really do like them.

A deep dive into how names actually worked in ancient Rome. Also, I would love to meet a Tanaquil, Mercury, or Aquila.

Acela, Lupine, Vignette + more fascinating finds on the edges of the new data. Some of these might just catch on …

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That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading and have a great week!

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What do you think?


  1. Some people really don’t like the nicknames that are attached to their child’s name, even if it’s something “traditional” or “classic”.

    Around 10 years ago, I once met a woman who highly disliked anyone calling her son “Jo/Joe” because his name is “Joseph”. I can’t recall why but I imagine she didn’t like the sound itself. Yet, her son was sometimes referred to as“Joe” or meshed it with their last name (“Joe” + last name that also had the “oh” sound in it) anyhow! Just goes to show parents can’t always get away from them.

    So I think we all should be open to the potential nicknames that come with the name we give to our kids.

    1. I’m one of those parents. All of my sons have classic Bible names that fit them perfectly but the most natural nicknames for them are ones I can’t stand. Right now they are small and mostly go by their full names. Yes, I know that some will shorten their names in ways I don’t like, but as for me they will always be their full name.