I’m not a loyal viewer of America’s Next Top Model, but I do check in from time to time to see the contestants’ names.

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  1. O.M.G. Someone on the MTV site wanted to name her daughter “Emmalena catarina bernadette” (sic). That is the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard.

  2. I suppose I can see the appeal in Ainsley, but it definitely has teasing potential. Anneslie is cute, but I prefer the Germanic, Annelie.

    Penelope Thistle is just darling! I have always had a soft spot for the saintly Casilda and Bessica is definitely interesting, (to say the least). I am rather excited to see Petal on nymbler.

    Julian is a nice solid classic, but Fuego is definitely not for me. It sounds like a product of sorts.

    Imojune is definitely intriguing, especially if you pronounce it (im-oh-JOON). But I have a feeling that this particular ancestor’s parents may have been using phonetic spelling. I believe in more archaic English dialects, a long U sound didn’t really exist. A large percentage of the country was not necessarily literate either. The parents probably heard Imogen (IM-o-jun) hence Imojune.

  3. I love Imojune for two reasons. First, it gives me the same unique vibe that Isabeau vs. the more popular Isabelle gives me. And that “june” ending reminds me of the Persian “joon” added to the end of a person’s names to signify “dear” (Imo dear:-)

  4. I’m still convinced that our English-speaking cohort in England and Aus, as well as the rest of the international pool of nameberry visitors, are affecting some of the stats – by their own blog post, nameberry has many visitors from around the world. I find it interesting that two of the names I’m particularly interested in (my kids’ names, Imogen and Oliver) are at about the same rank on nameberry’s 100 as where they are on the England/UK stat list, for example.

    And Imojune? I kinda really like that!

    Fuego is pretty ballsy. And I do like it… in the middle. I like its macho-ness next to the softer Julian.

    And on Nymbler – I like Petal – it’s sweet, but I worry she’d be Pet for short… but in the middle spot – purely lovely.

  5. Re: baby name regret
    I grew up with an Alyssa whose parents had named her Allison, but legally changed it when she was a year old. I’m fairly sure that the reason was that they hadn’t realized how popular the name Allison was until they named their baby. Alyssa was similar but far less common.