Sunday Summary 8.21.16I have been naming Pokemon.

My son is taking the “gotta catch ’em all” line literally. Instead of desperately trying to get out of running errands with me, he’s suddenly by my side, asking if he can come along. Because he has to hatch a so-many-kilometers egg, and how far is it to and from Starbucks?

Despite my best efforts to ignore the game, I’ll admit I find it pretty cute. And when I found out that you could name the creatures you caught?

Well, I used to say I needed a fish tank to use up all of my fabulous names. Now maybe I just need to convince my son to let me name an Ekans. Cordelia Avalon, maybe?

While I’m working on all that, here are a few other name-related bits of note:

  • The Art of Naming covered Harley. I agree with Kara – this one always strikes me as a boys’ name, even though it is more common for girls. I especially love her suggestion of Harley as a middle, like the combination Donovan Harley.
  • Their daughters are Mabel, Gemma, and Alice, and they’re expecting a fourth girl! How can they go wrong? Lots of great suggestions on Swistle’s post.
  • I can never decide if I love the name Guy or not. Elea’s post pushes me a little closer to the like category.
  • Pary might be the most brilliant smoosh name ever.
  • This list of new word names in the US is fascinating. Axiom, Cable, Fielder, and Revere are my favorites.
  • And the girls’ list, including Psalm, Reveille, Garnet, and Sojourner.
  • Another funny example of how one person with a very specific and unusual name can lead us to assume things that aren’t so …
  • Have you entered this year’s Invent a Name contest yet? SO many fantastic suggestions. Though I’m not sure anything can top Annavieve, my favorite from 2015’s contest.

That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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