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  1. That’s funny about Orla because as I read the post it felt really familiar to me too. I couldn’t figure out why… Now I know! 🙂 It happens to the best of us. I mean, the best of us that have blogs about names. Yup.

  2. Pascale Lily Louis is so pretty. I love how it has an Easter theme without being too obvious. At least in the States, I doubt most American parents would catch on that Pascale means Easter in French.

    I too wouldn’t mind to see a Veronica comeback. It makes me think of someone sweet yet sultry, like Veronica Lake.

  3. Dautara sounds so familiar… was that a character in the movie Drive Me Crazy… or maybe it was De Vine’s screen name?

    I can’t believe Jamie Oliver’s girls have three names apiece! I love the whimsy of their names, and I think if anyone can pull them off, it’s his kids. I might just be saying that because I love him, though… I’d probably not like the names if I didn’t like him. Anyway, I believe I heard their next baby is a boy… but I’m not sure. I hope it is, I’d love to see what they’d pick for a boy!

  4. I must be honest, the name Cyrus lately has been intriguing me lately and it wasn’t Miley or her father that did it for me. I was reading my Bible the one day and there was a King Cyrus in it & I found it fascinating. I really do like the sound of Cyrus & it has such an interest history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_%28name%29
    I think it might be because I like ‘s’ sounds & the name has it

  5. first post! it’s interesting to hear about temperance, still seems a little too much for me personally and yes i would automatically think of bones! and i love veronica and seriously hope that it doesn’t go the way of miley, i’m not sure that it would but you just never know

  6. I don’t think I’d be that upset to see Veronica make a comeback. There’s something so voluptuous and sultry about the name. I’ve always loved it. Miley, however, can head on down the chart to nowheresville, imo.

    I posted a question on Y!A about NY themed names a few months ago, before we’d picked a mn for Sam. I didn’t get anything as appealing as what Nameberry found. I’m glad I didn’t do a NY name, though, because being a former New Yorker, there’s always the chance I’ll live there again someday, and it would just sound weird to call my son Hudson in the city on the Hudson River. My dog is Brooklyn and I always get weird looks when I call her name on the streets of Prospect Heights (my parents’ neighborhood in Brooklyn).

    Interesting post, as usual.